With the upcoming MTG Arena Sealed Open, your hosts have only one thing on their mind: a $2,000 cash prize! That's why this week we're talking all things Strixhaven Sealed, from overarching heuristics, to individual card overperformers and everything in between!  Sealed Pool: https://sealeddeck.tech/2W7SmOEA4d  Ethan's Build: https://sealeddeck.tech/17lands/deck/7fac91e3c35249d1a19a8792654b3d62/0  Ben's Build: https://sealeddeck.tech/Gb21lIcyND 
Published 05/03/21
As with any "guild" style set, it's incredibly important to try and find the open draft lane in Strixhaven. This week we're talking about all the considerations for changing majors in this format and put our discussions into practice with two draft logs reviews. Draft 1: https://www.17lands.com/draft/cc5bbd1f251b40c1b8daed302139e627  Draft 2: https://www.17lands.com/draft/dd36d411a1c848b7b8c9c9f4cc772438 Support us on Patreon: patreon.com/lordsoflimited 
Published 04/26/21
With a full weekend of drafting under their belt, your hosts are here to give you our first impressions of what Strixhaven Limited has to offer. We discuss our thoughts on Learn/Lessons, Magecraft (aka Bencraft), review all 5 colleges, specific over/under performers, and finish things off with a roundtable! Draft Log: https://www.17lands.com/draft/aa1248aaa9b8468da6f5174601030401 
Published 04/19/21
For our 200th (and second bonus) episode, we decide to shake things up on Lords of Limited. This week, your hosts are getting to know each other better with a back and forth interview style show to peel back the curtain and understand more about the men behind the Magic!
Published 04/14/21
It's the first day of class and your hosts are here with a full syllabus ready to go! We talk through tons of big picture statistics for the upcoming format, then go through our biggest grading disagreements, and finish off with top commons/uncommons for each of the 5 colleges! Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vRz-R6UwZ6xRWMuLz3PREPlvJAKY6wpq0oxS3Iaqt01m-Glou2VRYlzIHE49hZA2vH6yy5pY5tSWhiC/pubhtml 
Published 04/12/21
With the full Strixhaven Spoiler here a week early, your hosts are jumping right in to the deep end with predictions on what the archetype skeletons will look like for each of the five colleges in the upcoming set. This will be a great companion piece to next week's crash course episode and will help you to start thinking about these cards in the context of each deck, not just in a vacuum. Enjoy!
Published 04/05/21
Your hosts are back again this week to send off Kaldheim in proper Lords of Limited fashion with another installment of "50 Takes in 50 Minutes." We've got a bunch of LoL official power rankings, the double-edged dichotomies of the format, cards that rose and fell in our estimation over the lifetime of KHM, and much more!
Published 03/29/21
Your hosts are back with one of their favorite episode styles: What's the Play? Kaldheim has a ton of interesting decisions from Keep or Mulligans, tap land sequencing, when to deploy card draw spells, and so much more. In this episode we explain our thought process through navigating a number of opening hands and in-game decisions. Play along at home: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vRmXKC3oIWV5PcmSYCx_QQcEt1XeyxGEtgvUiEfujZL6YUyypuOrx5NgCqdDEb4YCjhGJIAGYUibPZV/pub 
Published 03/22/21
Our first monthly bonus episode is here with your hosts sitting down with known streamer, memer, and mythic drafter Deathsie! We discuss a wide range of topics including Best-of-1 vs. Best-of-3, how MTG pulled Deathsie back into full time streaming, how he innovates and iterates on a format, and, of course, Goldvein Pick! twitch.tv/deathsie twitter.com/deathsie 
Published 03/18/21
Getting tired of these snow pun episode titles? We sure aren't! This week we're looking at two full draft logs, one where getting deeper into a color almost goes too far and one where snow seems like it could be the open lane for once...or is it? Draft 1: https://www.17lands.com/draft/791d7f068555423ba86b61b2d6a62829 Draft 2: https://www.17lands.com/draft/d78bb92f90bd4ddc89b59ec09d44a270 
Published 03/15/21
Kaldheim is one the most complex limited formats we've ever seen, which makes navigating the drafts incredibly difficult. Avoiding a trainwreck in KHM is one of the most important skills you can acquire to have consistent and positive results and that's exactly what we're here to help with this week! Roundtable: https://www.17lands.com/draft/c7dce993e86a4cba94e65f44ec303bb2
Published 03/05/21
Boros is the name of the game this week on Lords of Limited. Your hosts look at everything this color pair has to offer, the range of possibilities from aggro to control, and how they're navigating their way into this strong and flexible archetype! Draft Log 1: https://www.17lands.com/draft/9ad29c0c8d2046a5bab9189405a90741 Draft Log 2: https://www.17lands.com/draft/457fb344b28f41ce86289370f8d18b1a
Published 03/01/21
After a ton of preparation for the Arena Sealed Open, your hosts are back to talking about what they know best: draft! They take a chance to check in on how the metagame has shifted on the BO1 Ladder and then dive in to four different draft logs to show how they're currently navigating Kaldheim!
Published 02/22/21
With the Arena Open and Sealed MCQ around the corner, your hosts dive deep into the world of Kaldheim Sealed to get you prepped to win that $2,000 prize! We discuss big picture thoughts, the biggest changes from draft to sealed, and even walk through a sealed pool build that you can play along with at home! Sealed Pool: https://www.17lands.com/pool/9f9f679884004aee8f8ed8401c912436 
Published 02/15/21
The power level of the commons in Kaldheim is extremely flat, and figuring out the best home for each of them can give you a real leg up on the competition. That's why we're here this week to discuss the considerations for every single common in Kaldheim and where they'll each perform at their best! Roundtable: https://www.17lands.com/draft/6e732a8620b14fc7a62bcc47d06fce59
Published 02/08/21
Fresh off of a weekend full of KHM drafts (and a victory in the Lords vs Resources Rematch), your hosts are here with as much of an info dump as possible on how to win in this super complex format! From big picture questions to why you're not taking snow lands high enough, biggest over and underperformers, the top commons in the set and more! We've got you covered on how to trophy your next draft!
Published 02/01/21
Your hosts are back for their patented Crash Course style episode to welcome Kaldheim in to the spotlight! You can expect all the usual content to get you primed and ready for your first drafts of this format: creature vs. removal stats, mechanic and archetype support, card disagreements, common and uncommon rankings, and more! You won't want to miss this breakdown of this incredibly complex set!
Published 01/25/21
With spoiler season in full swing, your hosts are this week to discuss as many commons and uncommons as we can get our hands on! We look at new and returning mechanics, speculate on how they might play out in the limited environment, return to our "great or garbage" segment, and more in this hour packed with KHM content!
Published 01/18/21
This week we're breaking down all the different ways your drafts can start and what possible routes you can take after a given P1p1. From "The Gold Rush" to "The Trainwreck" and everything in between, these blueprints are just what you need to help navigate your next draft! Plus, we've got Ben's free preview card for Kaldheim courtesy of WOTC! CFB Kaldheim Release Party: https://shop.channelfireball.com/pages/kaldheim-release-party
Published 01/11/21
Your hosts are kicking of 2021 with a unique take on a favorite style of episode: Limited Level-Downs. In this hour, we explore a number of level-ups and heuristics that are important in a magic player's growth but that are sometimes taken too far or not understood properly. When should you deviate from a heuristic or just level-down? Tune in and find out!
Published 01/04/21
We're sending off 2020 with a Live Q&A Episode from twitch.tv! Anything goes with questions from discord, twitter, and our live viewers! We talk about a wide range of topics from knowing when to pivot in draft to our favorite thing about the other co-host and everything in between!
Published 12/28/20
Your hosts are back with a full week of Arena Cube Drafts under their belts and are excited to share their findings of this incredibly fun format. We discuss Cube theory in general, what makes Arena Cube different, and our favorite archetypes and how to draft them! And don't forget our upcoming Live Q&A Episode on Sunday 12/27 at 10 AM EST over at twitch.tv/lordtupperware!
Published 12/21/20
We're sending off Zendikar Rising in classic LOL style with our "50 Takes in 50 Minutes" episode! Who wins "The Forbidden Friendship Award"? What is the official gold uncommon power ranking? And why is ZNR not a contender for the GOAT format? All this and more packed into this hour!
Published 12/15/20
This week we're breaking down card evaluations and grades under the lens of the four R's: Reasons, Rewards, Roleplayers and Replaceables. Using ZNR and KLR as examples, we look at putting the grading scale into words and how this concept can help to inform your decisions during a draft! Roundtables: https://www.17lands.com/draft/6a56a3413b934f839ef67c85e5e492ae https://www.17lands.com/draft/ba2582e0ba9d4f7a86e233fb9a4aab80 
Published 12/07/20
Your hosts are back with one of our favorite types of episodes: What's the Play? We look at a bunch of "Keep or Mull?" and in-game decisions from a number of tough spots in our recent KLR games! Follow along at home! Keep or Mulls: https://imgur.com/a/x82Dj9z  What's the Plays: https://imgur.com/a/HTHGGm0 
Published 11/30/20