Covering LO chapters 211 & 212, featuring: Demeter looking like a high-powered business woman Ariana Grande  Hades being unclear on how to define his relationship with Cerberus A suggestion for Kronos & Typhon
Published 10/03/22
Covering LO chapters 209 & 210, featuring: The coffee of love and safety and healthy relationships  Excellent fashion choices across the board A bad look for Hades
Published 09/19/22
Published 09/19/22
LO is back from the hiatus and so are we! This week, we're covering the start of Season 3 (!!!), LO chapters 207 & 208, featuring: Unbelievably sexual hand kisses The most polished designer himbo ever Lots of joy
Published 09/05/22
Hello hello hello! While LO is on hiatus, we're bringing you a recent episode from our Patreon, featuring some excellent unsupported head canons from listeners. 
Published 08/22/22
Covering the season 2 finale, chapter 206, featuring: The return of Zoey's favorite tertiary character, Hank Harvey, Thespian Persephone taking her rightful place as queen of the Underworld and also my entire life Persephone's BOOBS
Published 08/15/22
Covering just chapter 205 so we could take our time to revel in the glory, featuring: Persephone being everyone's vampire fantasy dream girl Athena being a precious MVP Nothing but iconic moments from our favorite queen
Published 08/08/22
Covering LO chapters 203 & 204, feat.: A statue of Persephone for every Underworld citizen Kronos doing a terrible job in this role play Leto being DEFINITELY NOT the feminist icon we're looking for & more!
Published 07/25/22
Covering LO chapters 201 & 202, featuring: Zeus pretending like he knows what's going on & doing a terrible cosplay of NCIS Miami Our new headcanon about a proposal in absentia Lots of concern for baby Morpheus & more!  
Published 07/11/22
Covering LO chapters 199 & 200, featuring: Competing headcanons about Athena's owl A promising theory on how to defeat Kronos using the power of tub time Zeus FINALLY being useful & more!
Published 06/27/22
Covering chapters 197 & 198, featuring: Ares knowing exactly which issues to prioritize in his convo with Persephone The one truly essential worker in the Underworld Persephone continuing to be the world's most relatable character
Published 06/13/22
Covering LO chapters 195 & 196, including: Nymphs with their priorities in order (beer over all) Persephone tasting a little blood for genuinely no reason A standalone torso leaking breast milk
Published 05/30/22
Covering chapters 193 & 194, including: A glorious water beasty we are obsessed with Rachel giving us a mature, responsible woman lead in her 30s who knows when to say "screw you" to someone’s face Artemis aka the goddess of "oh god I'm having a panic attack in this school assembly"
Published 05/16/22
Covering chapter 192, featuring: Persephone missing some key details, but still being an icon Zeus having complicated feelings about grass A pretty raw deal for Minthe
Published 05/09/22
WE'RE BACK and we have A LOT to say. Covering the first LO chapter after the hiatus, chapter 191, featuring: Zeus' chaotic and inexplicable bullet journaling  The best day of Hecate's life Much screaming and many feelings
Published 05/02/22
This final episode before LO returns (!!!!), we're covering the bonus chapter in the LO Volume I print book. If you don't have the book, you should buy it or check it out from your local library IMMEDIATELY because it is BEAUTIFUL and has this exclusive bonus chapter in it!
Published 04/18/22
Part two of our coverage of Old Lore Olympus, covering chapters 8-9! Follow along here: https://lore-olympus.fandom.com/wiki/Pilot_Episodes . 
Published 04/04/22
Greetings from the past! This week, we're releasing some classic content from our Patreon -- the first of our episodes covering chapters of the original Lore Olympus. You can follow along with the old LO panels here: https://lore-olympus.fandom.com/wiki/Pilot_Episodes !
Published 03/21/22
Content to fill the void in all our hearts while LO is on hiatus. Here's a clip show of some of our favorite moments from our first 100 episodes.
Published 03/07/22
Covering Lore Olympus chapter 190 and all the juicy content therein, including: A new completely legitimate theory on the origin of Zeus' powers Everyone inexplicably completely forgetting about Artemis  Presumably the last moments of Zeus' life before Hades smites him
Published 02/21/22
Covering LO chapter 189, featuring LOTS of good stuff, including: The baddest goddess we've ever met, coming in hot with pure, ominous chaos Speculations about Aprhodite's blessing for baby Persephone JUSTICE FOR ARION & more
Published 02/07/22
Covering LO chapter 188, featuring: Hestia remembering why she never comes to Thanksgiving A new accent for Kronos Athena to the rescue with the SNACKS & more!
Published 01/24/22
Covering LO chapter 187, featuring: Zeus' strategy for getting out of arguments with Ares Hera's new workout routine Demeter embracing her inner horror movie energy
Published 01/10/22
Discussing LO chapter 186, featuring: an absolutely terrible merch idea a very good idea for a post-workout snack Perse being VERY relatable and awkward
Published 12/27/21
Covering LO chapters 184 & 185, featuring: -Hades putting his foot in his mouth just a little -Persephone drooling in her sleep like the rest of us -Another glimpse of that forked tongue we love so much
Published 12/13/21