Published 11/13/23
WE'RE BACK!!!!!! The hiatus is over, our crops are watered, and we're here to cover chapter 251 of LO, featuring: Hades doing his absolute best to recover from an incredibly tough moment Some feedback we have for Morpheus Lecue making possibly the most absurd choice any character has ever made in the history of media
Published 11/13/23
LO is coming back SO SOON but here is an extra piece of bonus content to tide us over until then. Today, we're discussing the LO books volumes 4 & 5!
Published 10/30/23
Covering the bonus chapter from the LO Volume 3 print book! We LOVE to see our babies being happy and flirty and thriving!!! As always, don't just take our word for it -- you have to see this chapter for yourself!
Published 10/16/23
In this October of hiatus, please enjoy this episode covering the bonus chapter from the LO Volume 2 book!
Published 10/01/23
Another release from the Patreon vault to tide you over during the hiatus. This week, we're telling you some of the most inscrutable myths we've encountered from Greek mythology.
Published 09/18/23
A very old Patreon bonus ep covering some of our favorite random beasties from Greek mythology!
Published 09/04/23
More hiatus content from the Patreon! This week, enjoy this very obvious episode that we somehow failed to do for a very long time.
Published 08/21/23
Continuing our hiatus content with part 2 of our Theseus coverage from our Patreon. His heroics go down hill in this one, so prepare yourselves.
Published 08/07/23
During this LO hiatus, we're releasing some episodes from our Patreon! This is part one of us learning about Theseus, a legedary hero of Ancient Greece whose heroism is somewhat questionable.
Published 07/24/23
Covering LO chapters 249 & 250, featuring: A redoubling of our commitment to Hestia as the best god A new ship we didn't we know we needed The reveal of THE DRILL
Published 07/10/23
Covering LO chapters 247 & 248, featuring: Way too much Apollo and his stupid feelings that we DO NOT CARE ABOUT Persephone being an A+ therapy participant Our new proposal for who should run the entire world
Published 06/28/23
Covering LO chapters 245 & 246, featuring:  Leuce reacting completely unreasonably to a beautiful situation Iconic demon behavior from Persephone and Bou The reappearance of CHIRON, and thank gods
Published 06/12/23
Covering LO chapters 243 & 244, featuring: The world's most lit group chat with eveeryone but Thanatos and Zeus The iconic gremlins that live in Persphone's apartment building An absolutely classic thigh baby removal
Published 05/29/23
Covering LO chapters 241 & 242, including:  Hades' VERY impressive drill wink wink A campaign for fair wages for Aetna Persephone making the most inscrutable communication decisions possible
Published 05/15/23
Covering LO chapters 239 & 240, featuring: Kronos really coming out of the gate swinging with the misogyny  Morpheus low-key abandoning Persephone in her dreamscape Hades' chiseled triceps being very helpful for all of us
Published 05/01/23
Covering LO chapters 237 & 238, featuring: Apollo demonstrating why we shouldn't let men hold office Hermes showing us what an absolute KING looks like (and also demonstrating that sometimes violence maybe is the answer) The minor character headcannon couple of our dreams 
Published 04/17/23
First off, we apologize for the audio quality of this very special episode we recorded together in my car. Covering LO chapters 235 & 236, featuring: Jennifer the nymph from Pennsylvania with a degree in hospitality doing her best Very strong reactions to Hades kissing Persephone's foot Our newest passion: hating on Kathleen, the nymph who was definitely born specifically to be the worst
Published 04/03/23
Covering LO chapters 233 & 234, featuring: 100% rancid vibes from Kronos  Hera planning literally a whole wedding in 3 hours The moment we've all been waiting for!!!  
Published 03/20/23
We're back!! Covering LO chapters 231 & 232, featuring: Hestia really coming through for all of us The best day of Eris' chaotic life Hades fully delivering on all of our proposal needs
Published 03/06/23
Because of the little hiatus LO is on for the next few weeks, we're hitting you with a release from our Patreon this week! Please enjoy us doing our best to discuss our new favorite topic, Sheela Na Gig.
Published 02/20/23
Covering chapter 230, featuring: A whole lot of anger for Demeter Nymphs who were literally born yesterday Lots of attempts at envisioning our happy places
Published 02/13/23
Covering chapter 229, featuring: Our headcannons about Metis' current lifestyle Ouranos making a fool out of himself Hades being a moth but still understanding the assignment
Published 02/06/23
Covering LO chapters 227 & 228, featuring: Psyche being truly the biggest bad ass the world has ever seen Aphrodite being the world's greatest mother-in-law Ares planning the world's worst date
Published 01/23/23