E35 - The Final! (with Mike and Priscilla)
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ALL HAIL PAIGE AND FINN - LOVE ISLAND SERIES 6 CHAMPIONS! What do you think they're going to do for their first date in the outside world? Maybe Ten Pinn Bowling? Mike and Priscilla are here to celebrate the final with Kem and Arielle. We're so happy to see them and they are totally loved up. We ask Mike about his mad moves and Priscilla spills the beans about their strong matching outfit game. It's time for the final debrief - we talk prom, declarations of love and tangoes. It was all very cute, and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. MOVE OVER THE OSCARS, it's time for the world's most prestigious awards: The Morning After Awards! We run down the top gong-worthy moments from this series. Thank you so much for spending your mornings with us for the last 6 weeks - you absolutely lovely lot. You've really worn our hearts like a fleece. Congratulations once again to the happy couple, Pinn and Faige.
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Published 02/24/20
We just had a look at Ched's Mum and Dad's schedule, turns out they had the Love Island Villa at 6 and then Cape Town Fashion Week at 7. Kem and Arielle are joined by Vick Hope this morning (it's now a tradition that she comes on for the parents episode) AND they have a quartet of lovely...
Published 02/22/20
Phil Collins, Ringo Starr, Dave Grohl, Meg White, Officer Mike From Love Island. Pretty sure that's a comprehensive list of the best drummers of all time. It's just Kem and Arielle this morning and, not going to lie, they just go off on one and talk about themselves for the whole time. It's...
Published 02/21/20