301. Julia Edgely - The power of homeopathy
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Curious to know more about homeopathy works? In today’s show, we dive right in with Julia Edgely. We focus on history, practice and a couple of simple home remedies we can work with ourselves, as well as knowing red flag signs of when you need professional help or emergency physician care. I also ask her what her desert Island remedy is and why - it’s a goodie and I’ve already ordered it! Julia Edgely is an internationally practising and licensed homeopath.  She treats a very wide range of patients but in certain cases, she saw a distinct pattern. Overuse of unnecessary antibiotics leads to pathologies sometimes years down the road. This led her to develop her signature method, The ABC Method which has helped hundreds of individuals and families eliminate unnecessary antibiotics use.  She believes education and knowledge is the key to helping her patients embrace their wellness journey. Enjoy the show and you can find more details over at lowtoxlife.com/podcast as well as the links for our sponsor offers, Alexx.  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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