302. Naturopathic Support in Oncology with Carla Wrenn
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This week on the show, naturopath Carla Wrenn is back on the show discussing her speciality: Adjunct naturopathic care in oncology treatment and beyond. We talk about how she came to specialise in cancer, what it is like to establish a collaborative spirit with Oncologists, how a patient can feel empowered in the process of making changes and navigating options and the importance of mind/body practices. We discuss some of the research that shows some things to be very supportive for treatment, side effects and quality of life, as well as different dietary approaches suiting different cancers. It’s fascinating and hopeful and I hope you or a loved one finds it helpful if this is something you’re working through right now. Shownotes can be found at lowtoxlife.com/podcast for sponsor offers and further information.  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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