Tanja hit the road as a digital nomad and she and Lyric talk about what it's like to leave it all behind and lose attachments. Word of the day Sophistry- the use of fallacious arguments, especially with the intention of deceiving.
Published 07/17/18
Ok we are talking about cheating today. Emotional and physical cheating, causes and how to's. You might find yourself surprised about what you hear. Will Lyric's purity be soiled? word of the day- Myrmecophagous- ant eating creatures
Published 06/23/18
Tanja is selling everything is owns and hitting the road with her daughter. Everything you own also owns you. Come and check out how to declutter or go hog wild extreme and live a minimal life. Word of the day- Ineffable- too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words.
Published 06/18/18
Do you google people without their permission??!! Tanja is shocked people do this with friends or peeps they are getting to know, but apparently, she is a freak! Lyric and Tanja explore the privacy on social media and they definitely have a different take on this one. Well that and peanut M&M's Word of the day- hypaethral means, exposed to the air
Published 06/08/18
Distractions are everywhere! Social media, TV, eating, spacing out, bright shiny objects! How do we stay focused in an ever distracting world!!! word of the day-Vituperative, bitter and abusive.
Published 06/04/18
How do we be true to ourselves AND keep our relationship agreements? How do navigate our ever-changing emotional landscape and honor our partners, or friends and family? Check it out as we navigate some rocky paths. In the news vaginal lipsticks... WTF? Word of the day- (geez Lyric) Perspicacious- having a ready insight into and understanding of things.
Published 05/30/18
Lyric and Tanja talk about Tanja's upcoming book launch for "Attaining Personal Freedom" and Her move to become a Digital Nomad. As an add-on to the ongoing conversation and research about INCEL'S the topic of the day is Do we need sex and how sex has become a social status. How Internet porn plays a part in creating an unrealistic expectation of sex, and how much people are actually getting it on. Also how they have some agreements with a few INCEL topics. Word of the day- Garrulous-...
Published 05/24/18
We all know personal growth is important but should you work on yourself before you get involved with someone else? Does it guarantee you a longlasting and awesome relationship? Join Lyric and Tanja examining the pros and cons of the self-journey on the way to perfect love. Word of the day- muliebrity, womanly qualities; womanhood.
Published 05/23/18
Attachment, nonattachment, detached and more. How do you roll when it comes to your relationship attachment style. Join us as we check out the 4 classical attachment styles and Lyric's 3. in the news- as a society we  went from utilizing 54,000 words in the day to 3000 words now... wow Word of the day- comminatory, threatening, punitive, or vengeful.
Published 05/15/18
Celibacy!! OMG, who wants to hear about that? Well, Lyric and Tanja talk about powerful lessons learned about sex when practicing conscious celibacy. Tanja shares her 2 year vow of celibacy and a tragic end to the story of finding true love while doing so. Word of the day Vitiate- weaken, spoil or impair the quality or efficiency of.
Published 05/12/18
Lyric and Tanja get their cuddle on! Check out why cuddlingus is where it's at! And of course a classic segue into sex and bestiality?? WTF! What's the difference between a Tantra Cuddle Event and A Cuddle Party and did you know Tanja is actually a professional "Cuddler"? Word of the day- abscond- run away, often taking someone along
Published 05/09/18
Lyric and Tanja get real about being naked and how nudity and sex don't always go together. Nudist camps, clothing optional living and Hedonism in Jamaica. Of course, the usual stories and we think Lyric seems a whole lot less vanilla after this episode LOL. Word of the day- Redolent-strongly reminiscent or suggestive of (something).
Published 05/07/18
People are so alone nowadays....and some are angry about it. And if they haven't had a relationship or sex in a while...they call themselves Incel's (INvoluntarily CELibate). So today we deconstruct this new concept and figure out how to work with it towards health..... Come join Lyric and Tanja Word of the day- Fractious- troublesome or irritable
Published 05/02/18
Lyric and Tanja discuss the Incel incident n the news and then take a deep dive into transparency and privacy in relationships, hoping to finally have that argument they keep looking for. Should you divulge everything, share passwords and emails? Or is part of your life to be kept to yourself. Come check it out. Word of the day- (really?) Pusillanimous- showing a lack of courage or determination; timid.
Published 04/28/18
Lyric and Tanja discover in the news a new "organ" well they don't discover it the medical community does and they talk about it. As well as they hope to have a rousing disagreement about eating styles... hear who wins! And some talk about fasting! Word of the day- (a Tanja favorite) Insurgent- a rebel or revolutionary.
Published 04/25/18
Lyric and Tanja talk about healthy marriage, and that's funny stuff. Hear why it's so funny, listen up as we walk through successful and healthy and why Lyric is so drama free. Word of the day- Felicitous- pleasing and fortunate, well suited for the circumstances.
Published 04/21/18
In the midst of all the #metoo movement and Tony Robbins mistake in his last event, Starbuck and Tanja's stand up against abuse in the neo Tantra world, we take a look at how abusers keep us down and what we can do. Opps, did we speak out of turn... are we now in trouble? Word of the day- Prediliction- preference or inclination for something.
Published 04/18/18
Lyric and Tanja talk about marijuana tampons and THE VOID, both the spiritual void and the one you reach when your dissolve major neural pathways in your brain. Are they one and the same? and Tanja tells a weird story about the edge of time. Lyric doesn't throw her off the show lol. Word of the day- Truculent- Belligerent
Published 04/14/18
Lyric and Tanja talk about Orgasm, orgasm, orgasm (can anyone count the number of times we say the word and let us know?) Is orgasm the holy grail? Come and find out, no pun intended. Word of the day- Obtuse- lacking quickness of sensibility or intellect
Published 04/11/18
Lyric and Tanja hit the airwaves again with the Neo Tantra abuse scene and today discuss apologies, how to give them and when they aren't enough. Word of the day- Tarantism- a psychological illness characterized by an extreme impulse to dance, prevalent in southern Italy from the 15th to the 17th century, and widely believed at the time to have been caused by the bite of a tarantula.
Published 04/09/18
On a more serious show topic. Sexual Abuse can happen in any arena and nowhere it seems to do more damage than when one goes to heal sexual trauma and gets abused by the "healer". Join us as we have an intimate conversation about the Neo Tantra world of sexual healing, certification and the numerous practitioners abusing their clients. word of the day- Inimical- which means hostile.
Published 04/03/18
Like OJ likes to say: "If you're not fit..you must've quit" It's the fitness episode! In today's episode, we take apart certain myths and legends in the fitness world. Putting Tabata on a pedestal while denouncing obsessive and compulsive workouts. From yin to yang.....we're gonna play with it all. Come learn the pleasures and pitfalls of working out with us....in this weeks episode. Word of the day Autodidact a self-taught person.
Published 04/01/18
Yes! We did it! And it's on film! Noooo not that. It's the Porn episode! This one has been waiting in the wings for a very long time. Come listen to Lyric and Tanja dissect the erotic world of online porn. It's addictive qualities, its possibilities, and pitfalls. What would the world be like without porn? Come see in this arousing episode..... Word of the day Anathema- something or someone that one vehemently dislikes. 2.A  formal curse by a pope or a council of the Church,...
Published 03/28/18
Join Tanja and Lyric for another upside down look into what makes us tick. Hedonism. Follow its calling? Or just say no? Find out in our latest episode. There's a puppy in the window. It's so cute. You want it.It's barking at you. Wants to lick your face. So cute.But...do you buy it? All actions have consequences. Some are soooo enticing.So delicious we can't help ourselves. But should we?(Arf) The word of the day is..... Cunctator. (I'm really proud I found this one 😉).A person who...
Published 03/24/18
We're exposing it all... And this time it’s about triggers and truth. We all love authenticity. It’s so modern. Being authentic and such. But....what if you’re a butthead? Hmmm....there may be more to this than we thought. Join us as we figure out what it means to be expressed in a healthy authentic way....and what it means to be a triggered mess (aka butthead). Don’t worry. We'll sort it all out for ya (or us).... In this episode!   Word of the day- Florid, elaborately or excessively...
Published 03/21/18