In episode 79 of the Macabolic Podcast I was lucky enough to be joined by Dr Zoya Huschtscha (@nourished_by_science ) who is Victorias strongest women, a sports dietitian, and a PhD researcher. We discuss training and nutrition around the female menstrual cycle and how it’s a bit of a gamble to be applying blanket approaches to all females at this point in time. That and plenty more. I hope you enjoy the episode.
Published 08/17/21
In episode 78 of the Macabolic Podcast, Adv Sports Dietitian Alicia Edge discusses her experiences, observations, and opinions around Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S), Low Energy Availability (LEA), and the largely unspoken deep dark effects of blanket Calorie tracking recommendations. Alicia on Instagram: @compeat_nutrition
Alicia’s website: https://www.compeatnutrition.com/ Mackenzie on Instagram: @mackenziebaker_
Published 07/07/21
In episode 77 of the Macabolic Podcast I was lucky enough to be joined by Alan Flanagan (PhD[c]), who you might know as “that science, quack asylum guy” from Danny Lennon's Sigma Nutrition podcast, to clear up the confusion around ‘good’ vs ‘bad’ fats.⁠ Alan’s website: https://www.alineanutrition.com/ Alan's Instagram: @thenutritional_advocate My Instagram: @mackenziebaker_
Published 06/30/21
In episode 76 of the Macabolic Podcast, I was joined by @denver_steyn who is one of Australia’s OG flexible dieting proponents, and longest-serving online coaches.
Published 06/23/21
In episode 75 of the Macabolic Podcast, Shannon Beer (@shannonbeer_ ) and I discuss motivation, what it is, the different types and how YOU can identify deeper more meaningful point of motivation, that promote longevity and long lasting commitment. This includes, ideas and even ‘tips’, that will help you stay true to your nutrition related goals. This includes reacting and responding to lapses, and slip-ups.
Published 06/06/21
In episode 74 of the Macabolic Podcast, myself and Alex (@aussiesportsnutritionist) cover some of our favourite non-tracking weight loss nutrition strategies. We also explain how PT’s can apply nutrition guidance to help their clients get better results, whilst staying with in their legal scope off practice.
Published 05/17/21
In episode 73 I was joined by Josh Smith. Sports nutritionist and founder of Fortitude Nutrition Coaching. Josh uses his relatable and understandable approach to nutrition communication to explain how the ‘clean foods only’ mindset of many dedicated athletes can be harmful, and what to do instead. Follow FNC on Instagram @fortitudenutritioncoaching and follow myself @mackenziebaker_
Published 05/04/21
In episode 72 of the Macabolic Podcast Janina ’@Naturally_Nina’ Gelbke reflects on her nutrition journey through severe disordered eating, and an obsessive ‘all or nothing’ approach to food, that negatively impacted her life throughout her childhood and teenage years. Follow Nina at @naturally_nina on Instagram, and follow myself @mackenziebaker_
Published 05/02/21
Do big Calorie deficits, and fast weight loss increase the risk of weight regain? As part of a Master’s research project, I sought to review the current literature assessing magnitude and prevalence of weight regain after either an assertive or conservative weight-loss diets, which as a result saw either “fast or slow(er)” weight loss. Follow me on Instagram @mackenziebaker_
Published 04/29/21
In episode 70 of the Macabolic Podcast, I run through a proposed 3-phase, step by step blueprint taking someone from “weight loss specific eating with tracking” to “weight neutral, non-tracking, intuitive, maintenance eating” in a matter of ~8 weeks. I hope you gain some value from listening.
Published 03/17/21
In episode 69. I was lucky enough to be joined by Phil Smith (@sportplus_performance) who is Sports Nutritionist, with an athlete client focus as well as an assessor at Sports Nutrition Association. 
Published 12/20/20
This episode runs you through all the things you should be aware of as a vegan or something contemplating a vegan diet. As well as some practical ways you can navigate each potential draw-back and nutrient deficiency. If you'd prefer to read this information via a simple, quick blog post, please visit the link below.  https://www.fortitudenutritioncoaching.com.au/blog/what-should-vegan-athletes-eat?fbclid=IwAR2_TLxO-0Ae1GmYFjZk1C-OKeheojkWkbfyo8-d7jG9Xuo2q9D7kp4VyZc
Published 11/25/20
Hopefully, the click-bait title got you so I can open your eyes to a hugely underrated nutrition resource being the Australian Dietary Guidelines. What are they, why they're great and why you should be well across them if you're someone dishing out nutrition information? Tyarra on Instagram: @tyarranelson Jack on Instagram: @jack.radfordsmith @thebodybuildingdietitians Myself on Instagram: @mackenziebaker_ 
Published 10/27/20
In episode 66 of the Macabolic Podcast, I was thrilled to be joined by elite level powerlifter and all-round good guy Will Crozier to discuss when and why a more relaxed non-tracking approach to muscle growth nutrition carries a lot of merits. Follow Will on Instagram: @wcroz Follow myself @mackenziebaker_
Published 08/27/20
In episode 65 of the Macabolic Podcast I was joined by Taylor Ryan (@the_sportsdietitian) to chat about LEA, RED-S and whether RED-S can and should be expanded beyond a sports nutrition scope, and if these two fascinating concepts deserve attention in non-athletic populations. We also speculate whether the terminology of RED-Sport is partly to blame. 
Published 08/04/20
'Nutrition nerdery' is exciting. But in the real world working with real people, applying basic nutrition theory to achieve consistent adherence is by far the biggest challenge I face as a practitioner.    My guest on episode 64 is Dr Gary Mendoza. He's the man who really exposed me to the psychological considerations and theory behind long-lasting weight loss nutrition interventions.    While a good chunk of this theory isn't anything new, I think the way Gary is applying it, could be...
Published 07/17/20
Savina (@thesavvydietitian) is Perth based dietitian who specialises in clincial nutrition. Savina has been posting some amazing example days of eating lately which promoted this episode topic. Savina covers how to construct a basic meal and day of eating that ‘ticks the boxes’. What to focus on and include liberally, what to include sparingly, as well as a few rants on diet desserts, ‘protein popcorn’ and how important it is to consider context.  You can follow Savina on Instagram...
Published 06/15/20
In episode 62 I was lucky enough to be joined by FNC founder Josh Smith and online coach Dalton Franke to discuss habit formation & setting 'the right' goals for long term success. Have a listen to find out why and how setting appropriate goals based on inner values is vital in creating a feasible and effective diet strategy that you can stick to.  Learn how habit formation can finally allow you to maintain any fat loss results you achieve through a dedicated fat loss dieting phase. 
Published 05/19/20
In episode 61 of the Macabolic Podcast I was joined by Josh and Ryan my colleagues at FNC to discuss the pros, the cons, what to look out for and how to approach these ‘Calorie waving or cycling” strategies in a safe, logical, and positive way without creating needless stress.  Follow FNC on Instagram: @fortitudenutritioncoaching Follow me on Instagram; @mackenziebaker_
Published 04/30/20
Published 04/30/20
After episode 58 of the Macabolic Podcast recounting and reflecting on my experience and recommendations in nutrition education. Some points of confusion and error on my behalf needed correction. Rather than just correcting a few points in isolation, I figured it would be easier to just get Alex Thomas, the president of Sports Nutrition Australia to shed some clarity on all this nutrition education confusion.
Published 04/27/20
EP 59. AIDAN MUIR (APD)  In episode 59 of the Macabolic Podcast I was lucky enough to be joined by Aidan ‘the dietitian’ Muir to discuss his experience studying dietetics and his journey moving into private practice. Follow Aidan on Instagram @aidan_the_dietitian
Published 04/23/20
“Hey, Mac, what do you think about (insert nutrition certification thing here), what should I do”. It is a question I get very often.  I’ve now done a bunch of courses and certifications, and I get asked for advice on a regular basis. This episode is basically me running through my experience-based opinion, what I wish I did differently and what advice I have for anyone who's potentially interested in getting into the nutrition space.  Follow me Insta: @mackenziebaker_
Published 04/16/20
From the high risk of ‘the pantry snack attack’ that comes with home isolation, and the role of boredom in driving mindless snacking. The 7 tips in this episode will help you navigate these issues ASAP, so you can get on track and keep your headspace in check.  Link to full blog post below: https://www.macabolic.com.au/blog/2020/4/2/7-tips-to-keep-in-control-of-your-nutrition-during-covid-19 Follow me on Instagram: @mackenziebaker_
Published 04/07/20
Step by step process of working why you're failing to achieve fat loss, plus an explanation of what "metabolic slow-down" is, and what it means for your fat loss & health. Click the link for the full blog post www.macabolic.com.au/blog/2020/3/10/fat-loss-troubleshooting-step-by-step-podcast-amp-blog
Published 03/10/20