Ep 68. What should vegan athletes eat?
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This episode runs you through all the things you should be aware of as a vegan or something contemplating a vegan diet. As well as some practical ways you can navigate each potential draw-back and nutrient deficiency. If you'd prefer to read this information via a simple, quick blog post, please visit the link below.  https://www.fortitudenutritioncoaching.com.au/blog/what-should-vegan-athletes-eat?fbclid=IwAR2_TLxO-0Ae1GmYFjZk1C-OKeheojkWkbfyo8-d7jG9Xuo2q9D7kp4VyZc
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In episode 79 of the Macabolic Podcast I was lucky enough to be joined by Dr Zoya Huschtscha (@nourished_by_science ) who is Victorias strongest women, a sports dietitian, and a PhD researcher. We discuss training and nutrition around the female menstrual cycle and how it’s a bit of a gamble to...
Published 08/17/21
Published 08/17/21