EP 55. Athlete comfort w Jono Stedman (sports dietitian)   The effect of comfort on sports performance is of logical significance.    Often the pursuit of comfort can override what’s considered to be ‘optimal’, or what the sports nutrition textbook or research paper said.   Trying to apply sports nutrition strategies ‘by the book’, being an evidence-based warrior who can’t critically think and expecting it to stick is often either a losing battle or simply not worthwhile in practice.  ...
Published 02/19/20
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Published 01/27/20
FAT LOSS SPORTS PERFORMANCE PODCAST EPISODE EP 53. Instagram: @mackenziebaker_ W: Macabolic.com.au Episode summary Why fat loss to improve body comp is beneficial for sport and athletes -relative strength (power to weight ratio), sprinting, CrossFit -more of what does work, less of what weighs you down. -weight class sports - what about 'weight moves weight'? -appearance - it matters.  1. Headspace Don't let it get to your head.  "I'm in a Calorie deficit, therefore I'll lose...
Published 01/22/20
Ep 52. Eating for happiness w Shannon Beer
Published 12/09/19
Whatever goal you have, in terms of nutrition, once you peel it back there are some common and goal-specific principals and 'things' that need to be in place rather consistently for you to progress.  In episode 51 of the Macabolic Podcast, I'm joined by all 4 of the Fortitude Nutrition coaches. If you're sick of the fluff and want someone to give you an overview of the things that are relevant to your goal. This episode is for you.  We start with common traits, then delve into...
Published 12/04/19
Ep 50. Vegan dietitian Jacob Mcginness (@theplantpotential) on The Game Changers documentary
Published 10/31/19
Ep 49. Steve hall - lessons of a successful 2-year muscle growth phase
Published 10/21/19
How to lose weight without tracking Calories.
Published 09/27/19
Published 09/23/19
EP 46 OF THE MACABOLIC PODCAST ON ITUNES. (available in maybe 6 hours) These days most of my coaching is done online, as a sports nutritionist and therefore exclusively diet-related. But despite the coaching I do being diet-centric I tend to get a lot of training questions from clients. 'How should I train', or 'I do this, then that, is this good for this goal?' Of course training and nutrition goes hand-in-hand, so these questions are certainly valid and expected. As I get these questions...
Published 09/04/19
From trying to fix something you don't like about yourself, placing band-aids over securities or seeking happiness through an Instagram fitness following, being motivation by delusional unhealthy means is commonplace in the training and dieting world and comes with damaging consequences. This situation regularly gets extended to the absolute extremes being physique competition which bring another level of total health risk into the equation. To discuss this topic further and it's...
Published 08/21/19
IN EPISODE 44 OF THE MACABOLIC PODCAST (ITUNES) Myself, Shannon & Dalton dig deeper into the newly coined term 'informed eating', or as I sometimes think of it as 'informed total health maintenance eating'. We discuss more aspects of it, some variations within it, how it is practically applied and what it 'looks like ' in real-world practice. On a personal note. I'm not a smart, intellectually blessed human. But given the low level of intellect and logic within the...
Published 08/09/19
MY NON-TRACKING MINI CUT. OBSERVATIONS & WHAT I DID. After 9-ish months of ‘maintenance eating, various trips including an NYC/LA food tour. I wanted to get a little leaner before Bali which is now 3 days away. I told myself I’d stop when it got too difficult, or I reached 74kg. This morning I was 74.0 and things were getting a little hard so the ‘diet’ ends today. This is the 4th time I’ve done a mini cut but the first without any Calorie tracking. This result took place over a...
Published 07/20/19
We're joined by @brandonkempter in episode 42 of the Macabolic Podcast to chat about. How he personally built a pro-level bodybuilding physique through a decade of consistent, precise, dedicated lifting, planning, tracking, and sacrificing. The role of genetics versus consistent hard, smart work. Setting physique expectations, benchmarks, and the reality of what it takes to build an 'action figure' level rig, putting genetics aside. and more. This episode provides an amazing amount...
Published 07/10/19
Diet interventions are undertaken to change something. It's pretty undeniable that the want to improve physical appearance is the most common motivating factor behind diet intervention. The level of diet-related knowledge, experience and practice is a large determining factor in the appropriate dieting approach at a given time. So there is no black and white answer to 'how one should diet'. In the case of tracking OR non-tracking diet styles the answer is almost always, 'it depends', or...
Published 06/28/19
What are the 4 main pillars that define a 'good', effective diet & what is the bonus 5 pillar that makes results life long? Originally a solo episode, I called upon my fellow Fortitude Nutrition Coaching coach Ryan to assist in providing you with a list of criteria to assess whether your diet fits the bill of a 'good' diet. What might shock you is that most of the stuff you're having anxiety over, doesn't even matter. So before you message every Insta fitness personality asking 'is my...
Published 05/25/19
What most don't realise is that being an Insta PT does not make someone a legitimately accredited Sports Nutritionist. The idea of who's legit, what's legit and what's not, can be a massive grey area full of confusion in the nutrition, coaching space in Australia. To provide sound diet coaching it takes a level of underlying understanding and critical thinking that for the most part is only present in those who have legitimate formal sports nutrition education under their belt. While...
Published 05/14/19
As nutrition is a topic that applies to all humans. Personal beliefs, opinions are common and many feel the need to voice their approach, thoughts, and ideas surrounding how we should eat. However, while we're all fundamentally the same as species, there are only a few things that can be applied with minimal contextual background or consideration. A lack of understanding likely derived from a lack of actual education can result in advice, messages, and content about diet spreading that...
Published 05/10/19
In episode 37 of the Macabolic Podcast. I was privileged to be joined by Martin MacDonald, owner and founder of Mac Nutrition Uni. Martin touches on the journey he endured fighting against the hating gurus, who wanted to see him fail. Only to come out on top at the end of the day through staying true to his ethics and not selling out. This is a deep podcast, so prepare to be inspired! Mac
Published 04/05/19
It was super cool to sit down for a coffee and a chat with legitimate evidence-based dietitian royalty Marika Day who specialises in gastrointestinal nutrition. It can be a fickle world for the layperson seeking real solutions to symptoms of IBS. With 'gut health' being a massive buzz word right now, it seems like every diet guru-woo-woo-zealot is exploiting the desperation of those suffering for reasons that puzzle both myself and Marika. In episode 36 of the Macabolic Podcast Marika...
Published 03/23/19
Plant-based dietitian Jacob Mcginness is a breathe of logical, fresh air the plant-based community really needs ( @theplantpotential ) if they're ever going to be taken seriously by the masses. In episode 35 of the Macabolic Podcast Jacob and I discuss some of the myths and false perceptions that come from both sides of the vegan argument. Both vegan lovers and haters alike. If you want some clarity among the confusion surrounding plant-based eating. Whether it's healthy, whether meat...
Published 03/17/19
With the recent wave of evidence based coaching really rising rapidly, I've seen a rapid shift of focus towards neurotic calorie and macro tracking. So much so that people are becoming unaware of the costs relating to being fully reliant on My Fitness Pal to calories away from uncontrolled binge territory. Thus, I feel it's certainly something that needs some air time. In episode 34 of the Macabolic Podcast I'm joined by Dr Eric Helms to discuss the uses of MFP, and how to approach it as an...
Published 02/23/19
What you don't see on Instagram is the trade off's and costs of dieting that present themselves both physically and mentally. In episode 33 of the Macabolic Podcast Dalton & Luke delve deep into what to expect, how to deal with it and how to not screw yourself up. At the hands of moron coaches who's primary motive is their social media recognition Hope you enjoy! Follow Dalton on Instagram @daltonfranke Follow Luke on Instagram @musclenerds_health Follow me on Instagram @mackenziebaker_
Published 02/18/19
In episode 32 of the Macabolic Podcast I was lucky enough to be joined by coach and physique athlete, Taliha Paige. Both Taliha and I share a worry for the misleading nature of how physique competing is portrayed through Instagram. Driven by 'fitness scene social climbing', and the want for followers and short term, false gratification. Follow Taliha on Instagram @talihapaige Follow myself on Instagram @mackenziebaker_ Thanks for listening, I hope you learn something. Mac
Published 02/07/19
Ep 31. Dalton Franke On Artificial Sweetners And More by Macabolic Podcast
Published 01/11/19