No Honor In Being a Worrier - AR Headset, Multiview Feature, HomePods
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Apple Card's new high-yield Savings account is now available, offering a 4.15 percent APY. Apple readies arsenal of apps for new headset, aiming to win over wary users. Developer (in Steve Jobs cosplay, no less) brings his Mac SE to Mumbai opening; Tim Cook's reaction is adorable. Apple launches new "trade-in" site for old Apple hardware. Hands-on with the new Multiview feature for Apple TV sports streams. Ford commits to continued CarPlay support as GM, Tesla, and Rivian face backlash for holding out. HomePods can now send a notification when your smoke alarm goes off. Apple wins a patent for an Advanced iMac with multiple Projectors that could project content onto walls & desktop areas. Apple's high security mode blocked NSO spyware, researchers say. Picks of the Week Christopher's Pick: Anker 747 Charger GaN Prime 150W Andy's Pick: New Adobe Lightroom Jason's Pick: macOS's Built In Screenshot Utility Mikah's Pick: Macbook Air 13.6" (2022 M2) Retro Series Skins Hosts: Mikah Sargent, Andy Ihnatko, and Jason Snell Guest: Christopher Lawley Download or subscribe to this show at Get episodes ad-free with Club TWiT at Sponsors:
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Mikah Sargent is in for Leo Laporte, as Leo is out this week. Mikah and Jason Snell got the new iPhone 15 and share their experiences with the device. Are the reports of the iPhone 15 overheating accurate? And what's up with Apple's FineWoven cases?  Apple's updated portrait mode. Widespread...
Published 09/26/23
Jason Snell was at the Apple event and talks about his time there. He also shares his review of iOS 17 and iPadOS17 that he wrote for Six Colors. And another in-depth conversation about the iPhone 15 & 15 Pro camera system in response to an article from PetaPixel about the new iPhone's camera...
Published 09/19/23
Published 09/19/23