This week Liz King talks about why she follows a more intuitive style of training when it comes to working out and gives a detailed explanation on how you can too!
Published 12/01/22
Liz addresses how to overcome the overwhelming stress and impact the holidays can have on your fitness journey and what getting back on track with your routine should really be like!
Published 11/22/22
Published 11/22/22
In this episode, Liz breaks down the reality of building an effective and sustainable fitness routine. Focusing on the fundamental aspects of what actually drives you to create better habits and how to reinforce them through positive actions.
Published 10/18/22
This week, Liz talks about what it truly means to have confidence and how you can create it through your fitness journey. Unconventionally of course.
Published 09/29/22
In this episode, Liz speaks about binge eating and gives tips on how to overcome the binge/ restrict cycle within your fitness journey.
Published 08/03/22
This week Liz dissects the pilates trend that that has taken over social media, what makes a workout program work and how to know if its a program that works for you!
Published 06/15/22
This week Liz talks about what it really means to be consistent on your fitness journey and how you can make it work for you and your lifestyle.
Published 04/29/22
This week Liz speaks about the overwhelming influx of transformation videos and fitness content circulating social media and why you should not let it rush you on your own fitness journey.
Published 04/20/22
New sound system who this? Liz talks about some of her go to methods for getting back on track with fitness whether its been 4 days off, 4 months or 4 years. The goal is not to avoid falling off track but rather build the right skills to get back on track easier and faster.
Published 04/12/22
This week Liz talks about how trauma can effect your fitness journey and how to reconnect with your body.
Published 01/19/22
Liz talks about the steps it takes to get you back on track after the holidays or even just from being in a fitness funk.
Published 01/02/22
Liz talks about fitness trends that you submitted on Instagram and weather she views them as overrated or underrated!
Published 12/09/21
Liz explains all about progressive overload and why it’s necessary for progress in your fitness journey.
Published 11/30/21
Liz discusses the similarities between perfectionism and the all or nothing mindset and how it’s getting in the way of your fitness goals.
Published 11/08/21
TW: Alcohol. LIZ talks about the effects of alcohol on your fitness journey and shares some hacks to stay on track while enjoying a few drinks!
Published 10/22/21
A big ole life lesson that you need to hear! Also lots of swearing? Love you all besties
Published 09/29/21
All about sport reduction! Is it real? Is it possible? And how do we do it based on science!! ;-)
Published 09/11/21
This weeks episode is all about why meal prepping is crucial to your success on your sustainable fitness journey! Plus Q&A!
Published 09/03/21
Talking about the OTS phenomenon and if it’s even REAL? Plus a little Q & A
Published 07/30/21
Mini tea spillage and the first fitness Q&A!
Published 07/21/21
Liz dives into how important habit change is in a successful fitness journey and why it’s overlooked. Also lots of chaos and swearing per usual.
Published 08/20/20
This week Liz talks about the benefits that movement has on the brain and with mental health issues including anxiety, depression and even ADHD
Published 06/18/20
In this episode, personal trainer Liz King shares her 4 secrets to getting to your fitness goals and it’s not what you may think!
Published 05/22/20
Liz king shares 27 of the most valuable lessons she has learned in her 27 years of life. Buckle your seatbeltS because this episode takes many turns as we dive deeper into her life.
Published 04/29/20