Lando Norris
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When it comes to professional sport, Formula 1 is about as competitive as it gets! Very few racing drivers ever get to race in a F1 car, and our guest this week was the youngest Brit ever to do it… Lando Norris has never had a plan B; after becoming Karting world champion at 14, he quit school early to pursue his love of racing. It was hard work making it to Formula 1, but Lando opens up about how he worked even harder to tackle self-doubt in his rookie F1 season. We learn about the people who made Lando with love and why it means so much to him to represent his family in a positive way, why he hates driving on the road, and that the key to his success might actually be a chicken and pineapple wrap! Buckle up... Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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