Published 02/18/21
Translation for the Python-challenged: Release the Kraken! No more avoiding it - John and Adam discuss the 2020 election.  Happy New Year! And may 2021 be less interesting.
Published 12/08/20
From August 2, 2017: We interview writer and historian Francis Richard Conolly, the filmmaker behind the explosive documentary and viral sensation, JFK to 9/11: Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick. Released in 2014, it has garnered rave reviews since its release and, probably more than a little consternation from the, "powers that be", as it explains and synthesizes a tremendous amount of information that the elite don't want you to be aware of, let alone understand. Clocking in at 3 1/2...
Published 11/22/20
Happy Halloween! What was the real-life inspiration for THE EXORCIST? What really happened in AMITYVILLE? Was THE ENTITY a demon, spirit, or poltergeist? Who haunts the HOLLYWOOD SIGN? What silent stars STILL can't rest in peace? Adam and John chew on HOLLYWOOD GHOST STORIES (1986), a delicious slice of vintage 80s direct-to-video cheese.
Published 10/30/20
John tortures Adamski with another political "What's the Word" segment before taking a deep dive into the Jeffrey Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell scandal - and emerging with the disheartening revelation that there is really is nothing new under the sun.
Published 09/18/20
We discuss cancel culture, the masons, breakaway civilizations, secret moon colonies... and one fascinating, mythical "lost" film from the 80s that ties it all together!
Published 08/04/20
We review the documentary CALLING ALL EARTHLINGS. And then we do it one better by actually covering the material that should have been in the movie. This is the story of George Van Tassel, eccentric, contactee, engineer... genius? Did Van Tassel channel messages from our alien brothers and sisters and use the information to construct a time machine?  Join us and find out!
Published 06/17/20
Is an advanced race of tall, albino-like extraterrestrials from Arcturus living on the Nevada test range? Has our government struck a deal with the aliens to obtain advanced military technology? Take a deep dive with us as we chronicle this fascinating, seemingly implausible story from one man who claims it's all true!
Published 05/14/20
We discuss several recent "documentaries" occupying the twilight zone between fantasy and reality. Are these films omens? Augurs of a dark future? Are we moving into a new dark age of superstition? Is the consensus reality of post-enlightenment reason vanishing in a post-modern haze of news and subjective reality? And why are the French f*cking with us? Oh, and John gets a visit from an owl.
Published 04/18/20
COVID-19. Coronavirus. What else is there to talk about? It's end of the world as we know it, and we feel mostly pretty okay.
Published 03/26/20
The WEIRDEST inventions of all time. John revises his predictions for the upcoming year. When you're too stupid to know you're stupid...  "Mad Mike" Hughes - why the words "homemade" and "rocket" should never appear together in the same sentence (except maybe this one). John and Adam discuss 80s horror (plus War of the Worlds). Breaking: Man throws snowball at this friend and hits him in the face!
Published 02/26/20
Thirty years of Simpsons predictions: Did the venerable animated series really forecast Kobe's helicopter crash, the coronavirus epidemic, and Disney's acquisition of Fox (not to mention a bunch of other stuff)?  The Cotopaxi went missing in the Bermuda Triangle nearly a century ago. Now it's been found. You know it as the ship the aliens dropped in the desert in Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind. What's the REAL story? The US government declares that releasing any further...
Published 02/06/20
Adam talks Star Wars (again). John talks politics (again). But really he's talking conspiracy, because what is politics but conspiracy? Right? Did you know the Pied Piper legend was based on fact? Seriously, it was. Check it out. John and Adam review their lame and boring predictions from last year, and make new lame and boring predictions for the coming year. Well, there is one fairly bold prediction... Listen and find out what it is!   Happy Whatever!
Published 12/21/19
Welcome to our 100% turkey- and pilgrim-free Thanksgiving special! John and Adam return to the Hollow Earth to discuss oddly compelling stories of lost civilizations and strange peoples. Who were the Green Children? The Moon-Eyed People? Could these have been our starfaring ancestors, now lost to memory? Is the Hollow Earth just a product of the fertile imaginations of pulp adventure writers? Happy Turkey Day!
Published 11/28/19
Is it real - or not? It has become increasingly difficult to distinguish between fact and fiction. We live in a time of "fake news" and "deepfakes", under a constant barrage of disinformation and propaganda. It's only natural that artists would reflect this blurring of the lines in their work. And there's no better place to practice this craft than in the conspiracy and paranormal genres.  Join us as we discuss a few current examples of this emerging phenomenon - and some infamous ones...
Published 10/30/19
What's the word on the street, Johnny? John goes all in for Trump just to piss you off! Adam... doesn't.
Published 10/10/19
Bigfoot prowls the North Carolina woods. A new kind of UFO slithers through the skies.  Speaking of slithering, has DNA evidence conclusively identified the Loch Ness Monster? New study concludes WTC Building 7 could not have collapsed on its own. John discusses the Jeffrey Epstein case. More accurately, he discusses why we're NOT discussing it! New extraterrestrial object enters our solar system. Is it the end? Again? Finally... John pitches his Star Wars sequel. And it actually...
Published 09/14/19
We return to our roots and do a feature-length takedown - er, review - of the new(ish) documentary BOB LAZAR: AREA 51 & FLYING SAUCERS.  Do we think there's life on other worlds? Almost definitely. Intelligent? Probably. That they've visited earth? Possibly. The they've visited earth sometime in the last century? Unlikely, but who knows? That Bob Lazar actually participated in a government effort to reverse engineer an alien spacecraft?  Listen and find out!
Published 08/09/19
We're back! John explains why he needed a sabbatical from all this... stuff. What the heck was that thing on Vivian Gomez's security cam? An elf? Dobby? A lost cast member from Mac and Me?  The President and the Mole People. UFOs (or is that UAPs) hitting the news in a big way. You know when even the New York Times gets in on the act, something's going on, as the establishment almost never takes this subject seriously. Coming disclosure? Or just more disinfo? Oh, and stop trying to make...
Published 07/11/19
John's traveling. I guess he's got better things to do than hang out with us. He promises he'll be back, though, so let's just call this a quick summer break. Stay cool and stay paranoid!
Published 06/25/19
We discuss the tragic circumstances surrounding the death of Isaac Kappy, one troubled individual at the center of last year's Hollywood pedophilia panic. Was it suicide? Or was he "suicided"? Adam's mind is blown by an astounding coincidence linking Kappy with our previous episode's feature on joining the Illuminati.  We pay tribute to GRUMPY CAT (aka Tardar Sauce) and Stanton Friedman (aka The Man Who Made Roswell).
Published 05/20/19
How one man almost joined the Illuminati - by answering an email. For a secret society, they sure don't seem to be very discriminating recruiters. John has a dream. And now he has All the Answers. And he's going to share them with us. What is life? Why is life? How is paradox the key to existence? And what's with all the porn? Quantum physicists prove there is no such thing as absolute, objective reality. Well, that explains a LOT. Bigfoot update! Well, Yeti, but still... 
Published 05/11/19
Did you know Jesus wasn't the ONLY one resurrected that day? Or that chocolate bunnies are hollow for your own safety and well-being? Or that "Easter" has absolutely nothing to do with "Ishtar" (despite what that Facebook meme would have you believe)? Speaking of... Facebook employees have been falling for the conspiracy theories they're supposed to be moderating. What is going on over there? Of course conspiracy theories are already springing up around the Notre Dame fire. Could there be...
Published 04/20/19
John's bursting with pride at his unerring ability to see the future. John knows all. Trust in John. Yes, the Mueller report has been delivered. Yes, it's a massive letdown. Yes, Trump is still president. John argues that we are living through one of the most egregious and elaborate conspiracies in American history. Adam discovers he's famous. Or at least, a "ghost photo" he took 27 years ago is. Among a certain cohort of modern ghostbusters. He tells the true story of his apparently...
Published 03/26/19