Sky Snakes, Nessie Identified, 9/11 Breakthrough, Bigfoot in NC, John Takes the Blue Pill |137|
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Bigfoot prowls the North Carolina woods. A new kind of UFO slithers through the skies.  Speaking of slithering, has DNA evidence conclusively identified the Loch Ness Monster? New study concludes WTC Building 7 could not have collapsed on its own. John discusses the Jeffrey Epstein case. More accurately, he discusses why we're NOT discussing it! New extraterrestrial object enters our solar system. Is it the end? Again? Finally... John pitches his Star Wars sequel. And it actually doesn't suck!
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Published 02/18/21
Translation for the Python-challenged: Release the Kraken! No more avoiding it - John and Adam discuss the 2020 election.  Happy New Year! And may 2021 be less interesting.
Published 12/08/20
From August 2, 2017: We interview writer and historian Francis Richard Conolly, the filmmaker behind the explosive documentary and viral sensation, JFK to 9/11: Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick. Released in 2014, it has garnered rave reviews since its release and, probably more than a little...
Published 11/22/20