Star Wars, The Matrix, Impeachment, Real Pied Piper, 2020 Predictions|141|
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Adam talks Star Wars (again). John talks politics (again). But really he's talking conspiracy, because what is politics but conspiracy? Right? Did you know the Pied Piper legend was based on fact? Seriously, it was. Check it out. John and Adam review their lame and boring predictions from last year, and make new lame and boring predictions for the coming year. Well, there is one fairly bold prediction... Listen and find out what it is!   Happy Whatever!
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Published 02/18/21
Translation for the Python-challenged: Release the Kraken! No more avoiding it - John and Adam discuss the 2020 election.  Happy New Year! And may 2021 be less interesting.
Published 12/08/20
From August 2, 2017: We interview writer and historian Francis Richard Conolly, the filmmaker behind the explosive documentary and viral sensation, JFK to 9/11: Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick. Released in 2014, it has garnered rave reviews since its release and, probably more than a little...
Published 11/22/20