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Published 08/16/21
Having comfortability in your brand is a huge goal, but it's also a sign you're ready to move to the next level. Here are my best tips to recognizing when you're needing an up-level! 
Published 08/13/21
Jessica Hickson was in the top 1% of a popular MLM until she took a step back to realize the toxic environment she was in. In today's episode of Magnetic Marketing we are debunking all myths and ideas of Multi Level Marketing businesses to talk about the reality of the situations!
Published 07/28/21
Kenzi Green is shedding light on having a great brand strategy, the importance of strategic design, and following her intuition in today's episode! To follow Kenzi on Instagram, click here.
Published 07/22/21
Marketing is a hot topic right now, but be careful who you allow to educate you! Use your intuition to only work with marketers who have your best intention at heart. If a pitch sounds confusing, it may not be what it seems. In this episode we're giving definitions to the buzz words you hear constantly!
Published 07/21/21
Everyone uses IG stories, but not everyone uses them properly. In this episode you can learn my selling structure!
Published 07/19/21
Managing expectations will allow you to succeed in all areas. In this episode, I  teach you how I  manage my expectations!
Published 07/15/21
Learning Influencer Marketing from an influencer's perspective! If you want to join my Magnetic Influencing program (That I'm talking about in this episode), click here.
Published 07/14/21
Instagram came out and said that photo content on the app will no longer be prioritized. Does that make you feel overwhelmed?! It shouldn't! In this episode of Magnetic Marketing we'll talk on how to diversify your marketing efforts if you want to stick to your photo game.
Published 07/07/21
Instagram isn't the only marketing tool available to you- I *strongly* encourage that you market your business OFF instagram, too! I love using Instagram + that's definitely where my ideal client hangs out, but there are so many other ways to connect with your audience. To learn how to market your business on Instagram + off Instagram, click here to join the LaCroix Marketing Bootcamp!
Published 06/29/21
This audio came from a training I  did in my LaCroix Marketing Bootcamp! To join me in the Bootcamp, click here to pay in full, or here for payments. 
Published 06/15/21
I  never understood why so many coaches taught about mindset until my mindset improved and I  saw massive results. In this episode of Magnetic Marketing, we're giving you a few simple examples of ways you can improve your mindset!
Published 06/11/21
Launching products using social proof and a clear client persona is a recipe for success. In this episode you'll learn about Casia's very first launch ever, and why it was so successful!
Published 06/09/21
My very first launch in my business was so successful because of social proof! In this episode, we dive into having an ideal client so that you can reach your target audience!
Published 05/28/21
I've had my hand in hundreds of businesses + product launches and I've learned something from each one! In today's episode, I'm going to dive into a few scenarios and teach you what I  learned!
Published 05/27/21
In this episode of Magnetic Marketing, I'm giving you all of my tips + tricks to being a solo entrepreneur + staying motivated!
Published 05/13/21
I  want to share YOUR Magic Moments on Magnetic Marketing! Send me an email at [email protected] OR send me a DM on Instagram here with your Magic Moments!
Published 05/11/21
Set your boundaries to ensure you 100% happy in your business, always. 
Published 04/29/21
I'm taking an online course, and my coach instructed me to write out a list of my "You're So Wrong" conversations! I  thought I'd publish it to the podcast so you can integrate some of the tips.
Published 04/23/21
I  took a few days away from social media and it felt *amazing*! I    love being active in the digital space but I  also love being away. In this episode, I  give you my tips on how I  navigate being offline! To join me in Boldly Branding, click here.
Published 04/21/21
Marijka Hunsaker, a western fashion influencer, joined me on an Instagram Live to talk all things business + influencing! We recorded our conversation to also publish on Magnetic Marketing. Enjoy!
Published 04/13/21
Published 04/12/21
Nicole Faith is a talented writer and a leader in the self development industry. In today's episode we dive into mental health, self empowerment, and Nicole's career!
Published 04/09/21
Published 04/02/21
BRAND PILLARS- let's dive in! This episode was suggested to me by a listener, and it was the perfect timing as Boldly Branding is coming out soon! Boldly Branding is an online course teaching you how to fully embody your brand and show up as the highest version of it. To get updates on when Boldly Branding will be released, follow me on Instagram here!
Published 04/01/21