Weaponize Your Money with Kevin Freeman
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We’re in an economic war. Both domestic and foreign. It’s not a fun thing to say, it might seem overly dramatic. But the evidence is all around us. And denying these realities doesn’t make them go away. Kevin Freeman is one of the world’s leading experts on the issues of Economic Warfare and Financial Terrorism. He is also the host of Economic Warroom on the Blaze TV network. Wars have multiple fronts. In WW2, we fought Germany in Europe and Japan in the Pacific. Kevin explains how today’s economic war is no different. Here in America, Main Street is fighting an economic war against the elites. They want to own our futures and rent it back to us on their terms. Then there’s the international front. The Chinese Communist Party has made world domination its goal, and they’ve helped elites in the US and Europe make billions in exchange for supporting China. Step one is to take back control of our country. And step two is to liberate the world from China’s economic control. Watch Economic Warroom here. Find us at mainstreetinsiders.com. 
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