The Producing Class
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The definition of the working class needs updating because elites will exploit any type of labor they can. This means engineers, IT workers, managers, and other white-collar workers are on the same path as the traditional working class of previous generations. The elites have their plans for you whether you primarily work with a machine or a computer. That's why we're all in this together. It's no longer blue collar or white collar. It's no longer working class and managerial class. We are all part of The Producing Class. The perceived separation between blue-collar and white collar professions isn’t relevant anymore. Yes, the nature of the jobs is different, but our hopes and dreams are the same. The real separation is between the producing class and the elites. We talk all about how we got here and what that means in today's episode. Find us at
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Today’s episode is the finale of Season 1 of the Main Street Insiders podcast. It’s been a great season where we got to discuss important issues and hear from a number of thought leaders in economics, business, and the America First movement, such as: Joe Kent Scott Shepard Justin Danhof Paul...
Published 10/25/22
Published 10/25/22
Paul Chesser is the director of the Corporate Integrity Project for the National Legal and Policy Center. In one short year, Paul helped double the number of shareholder proposals submitted by conservative organizations. And he's just getting started. Leftwing, woke ESG nerds are ruining great...
Published 10/18/22