Conservative Shareholder Activism with Paul Chesser
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Paul Chesser is the director of the Corporate Integrity Project for the National Legal and Policy Center. In one short year, Paul helped double the number of shareholder proposals submitted by conservative organizations. And he's just getting started. Leftwing, woke ESG nerds are ruining great American companies. But Paul and his allies are turning the tide. Find Paul at the National Legal and Policy Center. Find us at
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Today’s episode is the finale of Season 1 of the Main Street Insiders podcast. It’s been a great season where we got to discuss important issues and hear from a number of thought leaders in economics, business, and the America First movement, such as: Joe Kent Scott Shepard Justin Danhof Paul...
Published 10/25/22
Published 10/25/22
Sean Bonner is Chief Executive Officer of Guild, an investing app that helps military families secure their long-term future. The military pension isn't what it used to be. Veterans who wrote that blank check with their life to serve our country deserve better. Sean is a Navy veteran and...
Published 10/11/22