Ep 48: Kit Connor
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If you sobbed, smiled and adored the Netflix hit show, Heartstopper as much as I did, prepare yourselves because today we are joined by one of the show’s stars, Kit Connor. After getting his break starring as the teenage Elton John in Rocketman, Kit hit the big time this year when he landed the role of Nick in Heartstopper. Based on the graphic novels by Alice Oseman, the show follows a coming of age romance between two teenagers, Nick and Charlie, played by Joe Locke (who you will also be hearing from VERY SOON). And if you haven’t seen it and are wondering what all the fuss is about, race to Netflix right now because the show is a heartwarming and joyful portrayal of queer love and we literally LOVE TO SEE IT! Today, fresh from the show’s huge success - Kit takes us back to the very beginning of his Heartstopper journey from auditioning for the role, to stepping on set for the very first time, and the self doubt that came along for the ride. He also talks about his epic relationship with his co-star Joe, and how much that friendship helped him both inside and outside of the show, and why he refuses to adhere to the traditional expectations of what it means to be masculine. Kit also opens up about feeling proud of his sexuality and why he doesn’t feel compelled to label himself publicly because NO ONE has the right to know anyone else’s sexuality - is he right or is he right?!? I love what Kit has to say about feeling empowered by being surrounded by so many proud queer people and bringing these important storylines to life, so I hope you love hearing from Kit as much as I did. I also hope you continue to listen and find the power to Reign in your own lives. If you love this episode, please get in touch (follow me across social media @joshsmithhosts), I love hearing from you. Love, Josh xxx
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