Ep 52: Olive Gray
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This episode is all about being true to yourself in a world that tells you to conform, as today we are joined by the star of the new dramatisation of the record breaking game, Halo, it’s Olive Gray! Olive started their career at the age of 10 in The Story of Tracy Beaker (which we were all obsessed with, right?!?) before starring in the BAFTA nominated TV drama, Save Me, playing a teenage victim of sex trafficking, opposite Suranne Jones and Lennie James. And now Olive is playing Commander Miranda Keyes in Halo, which lands on Paramount+ this week after selling more than 82 million copies worldwide, and grossing more than 6 billion dollars as a computer game. Get ready for Olive’s GCSE Bitesize breakdown about Halo in this episode, so if you aren’t familiar with the franchise already - we got you! Aside from talking about their breakout role in the franchise, Olive talks about identity: from their racial identity, to being part of the LGBTQIA+ community, to their pronouns, and having ADHD. We need more open and honest conversations about all aspects of our identity, and in particular neurodiversity, so I hope you either feel seen, understood or enlightened by this episode. I also hope you keep on listening and finding the power to Reign in your own lives. If you love this episode, please get in touch (follow me across social media @joshsmithhosts), I love hearing from you. Love, Josh xxx
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