Ep 53: Marli Siu
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Who else was absolutely obsessed with Dolly Alterton’s memoir, Everything I Know About Love? And is equally obsessed with the BBC adaptation of the show? Well prepare yourselves because in today’s episode we are joined by the show’s star, Marli Siu. The story follows Maggie (Emma Appleton) and her three friends, Birdy (Bel Powley), Amara (Aliyah Odoffin) and Marli’s character Nell, who whilst living in a London house share go through the ‘grubby stage’ of their twenties together. From the breakups - both in relationships and friendships - and all the house parties and regrettable decisions in between. I loved Marli’s character Nell so much - she was so relatable, right? In case you haven’t seen it yet - spoiler alert, Nell is a young teacher and the blunt advice giver of the group who leaves her ‘stable seeming’ relationship for a new independent life which sees her sleep with her boss and make some decisions she might regret in later life. Today Marli shares some hilarious behind the scenes secrets from filming the show - from the sheer amount of eating they did, to downing grape juice moonlighting as wine - and some very relatable stories from her own house share experiences. She also talks about having to film a masturbation scene over Skype and why that is so important that is shown on TV. Marli also reflects on her Scottish-Chinese heritage, and how being mixed race affected the way she saw herself, and talks about how losing her father and experiencing grief was a coming of age moment for her. I loved talking to Marli so much - she’s so open and funny - and I hope you fall in love with her too! I also hope you keep on listening and finding the power to Reign in your own lives. If you love this episode, please get in touch (follow me across social media @joshsmithhosts), I love hearing from you. Love, Josh xxx
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