WHEN and HOW to Effectively Cut Calories
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The calorie deficit and how it can be used in your fitness goals has a huge misconception. Andrea is breaking down the how-to's of doing a calorie deficit, explaining the process, how to do it effectively, and if it's right for you in your health and fitness journey. MIS Episode References Episode 10 When a Calorie Deficit Backfires click HERE Episode 11 Reverse Dieting click HERE Episode 22 How Protein Affects Fat Loss and Building Muscle click HERE Episode 113   4 Tips to Make Your Workout More Effective click HERE Make it Simple is sponsored by Cozy Earth Visit www.cozyearth.com to get 40% off using code SIMPLE40 Follow the Make it Simple Podcast @make.it.simple.podcast  Follow Andrea on Instagram @deliciouslyfitnhealthy @dfh.training.pics Training & Coaching https://www.deliciouslyfitnhealthy.com/links Visit Andrea's Website www.deliciouslyfitnhealthy.com Produced by Light On Creative, LLC
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