WeWork’s whole bananapants story
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Was WeWork a tech company? A trillion-dollar business? A way of life? With the benefit of hindsight it’s easy to say, emphatically, “No.” But looking back at the lofty goals and investor enthusiasm that propelled the We Co. to a $47 billion valuation, we’re left wondering if the people involved have learned anything. Here to talk with us about it is Wall Street Journal reporter Maureen Farrell, who co-wrote the new book “The Cult of We: WeWork, Adam Neumann and the Great Startup Delusion.” Plus: Simone Biles, the Food and Drug Administration and polyamory pedantics. Here’s everything we talked about today: Read an excerpt from “The Cult of We” Revisit our previous episodes on WeWork and SPACs “WeWork Prepares For A Second Act — Banking Its Future On The Rise Of Remote Work” from NPR “Simone Biles withdraws from women’s team gymnastics at Tokyo Olympics as ROC wins gold” from CNN “CDC reinstitutes mask recommendations for some vaccinated people” from The Verge “FDA says its ‘working as quickly as possible’ to review for full approval of vaccines” from ABC News “Biden Projects Final F.D.A. Vaccine Approval Within Months” from The New York Times Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey’s pro-vaccine (but anti-mask) Washington Post op-ed “Sallie Krawcheck on what the pandemic means for women’s finances” from Marketplace Our show needs your voice! Tell us what you think of the show or ask a question for our hosts to answer! Send a voice memo or give us a call at 508-82-SMART (508-827-6278).
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