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Facebook earnings are out, and one our listeners is looking for a little clarity in how exactly the company keeps beating expectations and bringing in tens of billions every quarter. We’ll get into the nuances of ad targeting, locking down your profile and how we create our own filter bubbles. Plus, more answers to your questions about the Congressional Budget Office, Navy planes and unemployment benefits. Here’s everything we talked about today: “Did hiring pick up after states ended extra federal unemployment benefits?” from “Marketplace” “States that dropped $300 weekly unemployment benefits didn’t see hiring boost” from “Marketplace Morning Report” “This is how Facebook uses your data for ad targeting” from Recode “Facebook beats earnings expectations, but warns of significant growth slowdown” from CNBC Kai’s 2017 interview with then-CBO head Keith Hall “An Evaluation of CBO’s Past Revenue Projections” from the CBO “Americans are heading back to gyms as interest in at-home workouts wanes, Jefferies says” from CNBC “Peloton reveals the cost of its treadmill recall. Short answer: A lot” from Fortune Our show needs your voice! Tell us what you think of the show or ask a question for our hosts to answer! Send a voice memo or give us a call at 508-82-SMART (508-827-6278).
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