Let’s do the numbers on those breakthrough COVID cases
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A tiny fraction of 1% of vaccinated Americans have tested positive for COVID-19. But if you don’t read beyond the headlines, you might not know that. On this punchy happy hour episode, we’ll talk about why the media need to do better reporting on the delta variant. And speaking of failure … Congress went on summer break without extending the eviction moratorium. We’ll talk about it and play another round of our favorite game, “Half Full/Half Empty.” Here’s everything we talked about today: Here’s a link to join our fan-run Discord server Kai’s interview with the Crocs CEO “Breakthrough Covid cases are on the rise among the vaccinated” from NBC News A couple of threads about this reporting “DeSantis seeks to block school mask mandates in Florida” from Politico “Millions of renters could face eviction as moratorium ends” from Marketplace “Evictions looming, Biden fails to get Congress to extend ban” from the Associated Press “Wally Funk Is Defying Gravity and 60 Years of Exclusion From Space” from The New York Times Finally, our “Half Full/Half Empty” topics: the alcohol shortage, Big Tech antitrust, FAA regulating spaceflight and copycat Crocs Thanks to everyone who joined us live on YouTube for this episode! We’re live Fridays at 3:30 p.m. Pacific/6:30 p.m. Eastern for happy hour! Subscribe to our channel and sign up for notifications so you don’t miss it.
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