1 shot, 2 shots … 3 shots? 4?
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Today, a group of advisers to the Food and Drug Administration voted to reject a plan from the White House to approve vaccine boosters for most Americans. That was followed up by a vote to approve boosters for people who are at serious risk of coronavirus disease or over the age of 65. We’ll talk about what makes the discussion around boosters so complicated. We’ll also talk about the Pentagon’s acknowledgment of a drone strike gone very wrong. Finally, we wrap up the show with a round of our favorite game, Half Full/Half Empty. Give now to support the show you love and to get the “Make Me Smart” banana pants and ringtones! Marketplace.org/givesmart. Here’s everything we talked about on the show today: “Pentagon acknowledges Aug. 29 drone strike in Afghanistan was a tragic mistake that killed 10 civilians” from The New York Times “FDA panel backs COVID-19 boosters only for elderly or high-risk Americans” from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch “Employers’ new strategy: Come for the work, stay for the college tuition” from Marketplace “More than 80 percent of Americans want their paycheck the day they earn it” from The Hill “Cup Noodle company introduces 4 soup-flavored sodas” from ABC7 Chicago “Will ‘South Park’ creators remake Colorado’s legendary Casa Bonita?” from Marketplace
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