This week we welcome director Luis Prieto on the show to talk about directing his latest film Shattered and how he made the jump from directing comedies in Italy to directing thrillers in Hollywood. After that we discuss an article about the Golden Globes not being aired as well as a listener email.
Published 01/17/22
This week Alrik and Liz chat with filmmaker Talia Lugacy about her second feature, This is Not a War Story, and how she produced it with a model similar to a worker co-op. We also discuss an article Talia wrote about the making of her film, and read a listener email. Enjoy! International Screenwriters Association: www.networkisa.org
Published 01/10/22
This week, Alrik and Liz talk with filmmaker Asif Akbar about their latest, The Commando, starring Micheal Jai White and Mickey Rourke! Asif talks about how he got his films made, why he produces as well as directs and how he has found partners and distribution for his films. We also chat about an article regarding the Dizzying Uncertainty of 2021 and our their plans for 2022! Check out the International Screenwriters Association at www.networkisa.org and use our code MMIH2021 for a 20%...
Published 01/03/22
This week, Alrik and Liz chat with artist Omar Lopex about his first feature, Ana, Who They Pulled Out of the River, which he shot on film in Tijuana. We also talk about industry activism and a very specific acting class Liz took. Enjoy! Jump over to check out the ISA @ www.networkisa.org and use our code MMIH2021 for a discount on a yearly ISA Connect membership!
Published 12/27/21
In our 350th episode, we welcome DP Alice Brooks to talk about lensing IN THE HEIGHTS, TICK, TICK... BOOM! and her partnership with John M Chu. We also chat about the recent blowback from Austin Film Festival script coverage. Enjoy! www.networkisa.org use code: MMIH2021 till January 15th 2022!
Published 12/20/21
Alrik and Liz chat with filmmaker KT Curran about her second feature, Surviving Lunch, working within the nonprofit model, and her focus on impact-driven films. After that, we talk about life after signing a distribution contract and the state of the box office. Enjoy! Follow the ISA @ https://www.networkisa.org/
Published 12/13/21
This week Alrik and Liz talk with Allen C. Gardner about making 16 features as either a lead actor, director, writer or producer. They also chat about diversity trends and tough moments on set. Enjoy! Check out the international screenwriters association: www.networkisa.org
Published 12/06/21
This week Liz and Alrik welcome producer/writer/director Jenn Page on the show to talk about how she first got hired as a director, when she decided to start turning down opportunities and how that all lead to directing her newest film, Playing with Beethoven! They also discuss an article from the Hollywood reporter about Cinemark playing Netfilx films in the theater and Liz asks Alrik about networking! This Week's News Article:...
Published 11/29/21
Alrik and Liz talk to filmmaker Bill Crossland about making his debut feature CATCHING UP after the short premiered at Sundance. We also talk about film festivals and the feedback process during post-production. We hope you enjoy! International Writers Association: www.networkisa.org The Alternate at The Studio City Film Festival Until 11/24: https://xerb.tv/channel/studiocityfest/virtual-events/2768
Published 11/22/21
Alrik and Liz chat with filmmaker and actress Sujata Day about her feature debut, DEFINITION PLEASE. We also chat about AMC's interim CEO's new business model. Enjoy! The Alternate is at the Studio City International Film Festival this weekend starting 11/18 here is the link: https://www.studiocityfest.com/2021-schedule Check out the International Screenwriters Association at www.networkisa.org and use code MMIH 2021 for a discount on a yearly membership!
Published 11/15/21
This week Alrik and Liz welcome the Film Festival Alliance to talk about what the alliance is, how it got started and how they like to partner with film festivals. We also talk about the American Film Market and Liz and Alrik spin into an improvised rant session on growing a career in this industry.on a rabbit hole conversation about what Indie Filmmaking actually is and how it is so often mislabeled by the media. The International Screenwriters Association: www.networkisa.com Use code:...
Published 11/08/21
This week we have Christine Weatherup on the show to talk about making her first feature film, See You Next Christmas, which she shot on a 'three days on, four days off' schedule. We also talk about the tragedy on the set of Rust and we finally answer a listener question. Enjoy! International Screenwriters Association: www.networkisa.org
Published 11/01/21
Alrik and Liz chat with Marine Edward Green about his move from the military to filmmaking and how his life experiences helped him shoot his first feature during the pandemic. International Screenwriters Association: https://www.networkisa.org/ The Alternate Film at Atlanta Sci-Fi FIlm Festival: https://www.atlantascififilmfestival.com/2021-films/the-alternate-2
Published 10/25/21
Alrik and Liz chat with Liz's favorite film critic, Tim Cogshell (of NPR's FilmWeek amongst other publications) They also chat about Hollywood and vaccine mandates as well as Heartland International Film Festival. Enjoy! ISA:https://www.networkisa.org/ The Alternate Tickets at Scarefest: https://thescarefest.com/the-films-of-the-scarefest-2021-film-festival/alternate/
Published 10/18/21
Alrik and Liz chat with filmmakers and stars of the new film What She Said, Jenny Lester and Juliana Jurenas, about the making of the film and the pure determination and grit they called upon to get the film in the can. They also have a conversation re: ‘deepfake’ casting and connect about Liz's short film pre production process. Enjoy! Check out the ISA: https://www.networkisa.org/ The Alternate is playing at Heartland International till 10/17, check it out and vote the film for best horror...
Published 10/11/21
This week Alrik and Liz chat with friend of the show, Rebecca Eskreis, about the patience, determination and resources it took to get her first feature, WHAT BREAKS THE ICE, off the ground. We also chat about iphone filmmaking! Enjoy! ISA: https://www.networkisa.org/
Published 10/04/21
This week Alrik and Liz chat with directing duo Nick Scown and Julie Seabaugh about their new documentary, Too Soon: Comedy After 9/11. This show investigates how two near-strangers can find they are compatible enough to make a movie together over several years, and how they each used their strengths to grow the film from a sticky idea to a larger, supported and successful commercial film. Check out the International Screenwriters Association @ https://www.networkisa.org/
Published 09/27/21
Writer turned filmmaker Veronica Mckenzie graces us with her presence on the show to talk about the making of her first feature film, NINE NIGHTS. Alrik and Liz also chat about the premiere screening of Alrik's first feature, THE ALTERNATE, and we read a listener letter. ENJOY International Screenwriters Association: https://www.networkisa.org/ The Alternate Teaser: https://vimeo.com/600062844
Published 09/20/21
Alrik and Liz chat with filmmaker Ben Hickernell about his latest film, WHAT WE FOUND, as well as his overall strategy for financing and putting work out into the world. We cap off the show with a discussion about film festivals and audience building. Enjoy! The Alternate Teaser Trailer: https://vimeo.com/600062844 International Screenwriting Association: https://www.networkisa.org/
Published 09/13/21
This week Alrik has a solo interview with writer/director Elza Kephart about her new horror/comedy Slaxx which hits VOD & DVD today! Elza talks about how she had the idea for the film twenty years ago, how it was developed and how she was able to successfully pitch the film at the Frontières Film Market at the Fantasia Film Festival! Alrik and Liz also talk more about film festival strategy. Check out the International Screenwriters’ Association @https://www.networkisa.org/ Last chance to...
Published 09/07/21
This week Alrik and Liz chat with filmmakers and real life besties, Stacey Maltin and Margarita Zhitnikova, who talk about their company Besties Make Movies, and their latest feature, TRIPLE THREAT. A & L follow up the conversation with some thoughts on film festival promotion. Enjoy! Check out the ISA at: https://www.networkisa.org/ Grab your tickets for the world premiere of The Alternate in LA: https://danceswithfilms.ticketspice.com/dwf24-the-alternate--zero-one-zero
Published 09/02/21
Documentarian Scott Kirschenbaum joins us this week to talk about his life as a documentary filmmaker, how he goes about finding stories that will change his life and how he captured a woman giving brith in his newest film 'Of Woman Born'. Getting Started - How did you get started in documentary films? - What lead you to making your first film? -How do you fund your films? -Timothy talks about John Truby's book aga
Published 08/27/21
This week, Liz and Alrik have a completely open chat about major personal milestones that are impacting their careers including a new baby on the way for Alrik!
Published 08/27/21
Alrik and Liz start the show but Liz takes the interview with Nicholas Bruckman solo as they talk about Nicholas' new documentary on activist Ady Barkan. After that, A+L come back together to talk about Constellation Incubator, and answer a listener email. We hope you enjoy!    Buy Your Tickets to The Alternate Premiere Now!: https://danceswithfilms.ticketspice.com/dwf24-the-alternate--zero-one-zero
Published 08/23/21
This week Alrik and Liz connect with Widmyer and Kolsch on their journey from indie Starry Eyes to the remake of Steven King's Pet Sematary, to directing tv. This episode is a celebration of the indie spirit and pulls back the curtain on the processes of studio development. We also highlight Luke Zwanziger's short film "Gwen." Enjoy!  Get Shorty link: https://vimeo.com/532406451/71aa9fff7e Buy Your Tickets to The Alternate Premiere Now!:...
Published 08/18/21