Should vaccination be mandatory?
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Experts agree that once we have a vaccine for Covid-19, we will need the vast majority of the population to take it - enough so we get to herd immunity. But the rise of the anti-vaccine movement has already led to outbreaks of diseases we thought were long gone. And now, in the midst of a global pandemic, the risk of further outbreaks is heightened because parents of young kids are afraid to go to the doctor’s office to get their shots. Once we finally have a vaccine that’s safe, effective, and available, how do we make sure people actually take it? Guests: Dr. Linda Goldstein, Rabbi Avi Schnall, Paul Offit
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The Covid 19 pandemic has forced Americans to confront death on a scale that few of us have seen in our lifetimes. As the coronavirus continues to spread, Americans have started to ask themselves questions that are usually reserved for old age. Questions like: How do I want to die? In this...
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Published 07/08/20
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