Biohacking with Dave Asprey and Miss Jaiya
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George attempts to lead Dan in a mindfulness meditation that goes sideways. Then, the Thinkers attend a biohacking conference in Beverly Hills, California, where they interview the father of biohacking, Dave Asprey, and a somatic sexologist, Miss Jaiya. If you made it this far, then it would be rude not to listen. See for privacy information.
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Published 05/04/23
Dan and George worry that after Don Lemon's firing from CNN and Tucker Carlson's firing from Fox that the establishment will clearly be coming after them next! Then, The Thinkers are joined by influencer and former model, Emily Wilson (@emilysavesamerica), to discuss how she red-pilled herself...
Published 05/04/23
George invites Dan to join a new cult that he's starting and then, The Thinkers engage in a final "Smart Off" to determine which one of them is more intelligent. Then, The Thinkers are joined by comedian and author Jena Friedman to discuss her new book, "Not Funny," and what it's like to play a...
Published 04/27/23