Manga Mavericks EP. 197: Kamen Rider
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On this episode of Manga Mavericks, Colton & Lum are joined once again by John from the Mercury Falcon Youtube channel, as well as first time guest and manga letterer, Phil Christie, to finally discuss one of Shotaro Ishinomori's many classic manga titles with Kamen Rider! One of two of the biggest long lasting tokusatsu hero franchises Ishinomori was responsible for creating about a man who, after being kidnapped by an evil organization known as Shocker and turned into a cyborg, dons the superhero persona of Kamen Rider, the defender of justice! Join us as we gush about Ishinomori's amazing art and rave about how fun the series was to read, but also how we feel the development of both the story and the characters fall a bit flat due to the comic needing to stay consistent with the then concurrently airing television series. Plus, John gives us a lot of history on the background and development of Kamen Rider, while Phil discusses his process while working on the lettering for the manga's release from Seven Seas! Listen as we JUMP for joy and KICK our feet in the air while we discuss why this series is still a joy to read even over 50 years later!! For a complete list of links and community shout-outs included in this episode, please visit this podcast's webpage at: PODCAST BREAKDOWN: 00:00 - Intro 03:39 - Kamen Rider manga discussion 1:31:43 - What other Rider series have we watched? Or want to watch? 1:37:02 - "Where do I start with Kamen Rider?" 1:45:22 - Has Kamen Rider's legacy overshadowed that of Ishinomori's? 1:50:03 - Why isn't more Kamen Rider available in the US? 2:01:29 - What's our favorite manga from Ishinomori? 2:04:24 - Guest Plugs 2:07:23 - Community Shout-outs! 2:30:39 - Wrap up Enjoy the show, and follow us on twitter at @manga_mavericks, on tumblr at, and on Youtube! You can also follow the hosts on Twitter at @sniperking323 and @lumranmayasha. If you’d like to help support the show financially you can pledge to our Patreon and receive some awesome rewards like our Patreon-exclusive Bonus pods! If one-time donations are more your speed you can donate to Colton’s Ko-fi here and LumRanmaYasha’s Ko-fi here, and if you want to support LumRanmaYasha’s art and other projects you can follow them @siddartworks on Instagram and Twitter and donate to their personal Patreon. Don’t forget to also like and subscribe to us on Youtube and iTunes and leave us reviews to help us curate the show and create better content!
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