Manga Mavericks EP. 203: Dr. Slump
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On this episode of Manga Mavericks, Colton & Lum are joined by James, aka @That1WelderGuy (host of such podcasts as Kicking Stones & Deal With the Devils), Joey Weiser (Eisner Award nominated comic artist of such series as Mermin, Ghost Hog and Dragon Racer) and Mike Toole (Editor-at-large at Anime News Network & Associate Producer at Discotek) to discuss even more Akira Toriyama comics with his very first, smash hit series, Dr. Slump! A comedy gag manga taking place in the whacky town of Penguin Village centered around the adventures of chaotic and playful robot girl, Arale, and the rest of her cartoon pals! We discuss why Dr. Slump is one of the best gag manga ever made and how important and influential it is, despite it not having the same worldwide appeal outside of Japan like Dragon Ball did. N'joy! If you've enjoyed our discussions of Toriyama's comics lately, then head over to our Patreon to listen to our discussion of his Kintoki one-shot from 2010 with Randy from We Gotta Podcast! For a complete list of links and Community Shout-Outs mentioned in this episode, please visit this podcast's webpage at: PODCAST BREAKDOWN: 00:00 - Intro  06:52 - Dr. Slump discussion 1:37:49 - What gross things did we do as kids? 1:41:59 - Favorite Characters 1:47:30 - Best Waifu 1:50:06 - Best Obscure Character 1:53:49 - How much of the anime have we watched? 1:55:39 - Favorite Chapters/Jokes 2:00:48 - Anime Questions 2:05:30 - Favorite Inventions 2:06:13 - Favorite Filler Episodes??? 2:07:55 - Dr. Slump's Influences and Spiritual Successors 2:13:48 - Is Arale the most powerful Toriyama character? 2:15:19 - Final Thoughts 2:18:46 - Guest Plugs 2:23:02 - Community Shout-outs! 2:31:58 - Wrap up Enjoy the show, and follow us on twitter at @manga_mavericks, on tumblr at, and on Youtube! You can also follow the hosts on Twitter at @sniperking323 and @lumranmayasha. If you’d like to help support the show financially you can pledge to our Patreon and receive some awesome rewards like our Patreon-exclusive Bonus pods! If one-time donations are more your speed you can donate to Colton’s Ko-fi here and LumRanmaYasha’s Ko-fi here, and if you want to support LumRanmaYasha’s art and other projects you can follow them @siddartworks on Instagram and Twitter and donate to their personal Patreon. Don’t forget to also like and subscribe to us on Youtube and iTunes and leave us reviews to help us curate the show and create better content!
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