The Power of Self-Acceptance
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Hello! This is Alix, and I’m here with the archangels today for a new episode of Manifest Your Amazing Life with Alix and the Archangels. I’m so happy you’ve found us. It has been some time since I’ve been active on this channel. During the last year, I have been focused elsewhere—holding down two jobs, and submerging myself in all the delight and distraction of a new relationship. Here I am, almost exactly a year later, and I am rebalancing my life somewhat, refocusing on the passion of my work in addition to the passion of my relationship. I’m so happy to be back here, speaking with you today. Of course, I never just live my life. I live my life with consciousness. I connect with the soul journey beneath the day-to-day journey I am living. I observe my processes, take responsibility for my own growth and healing. As always, the angels have much to teach me along the way. I’d like to speak with you today about the power of acceptance. Acceptance has been front and center in my meditation space recently. Even more than gratitude, acceptance is a powerful, positive energy that has the ability to shift our lives for the better. But before I can speak to you about acceptance, I need to touch on its opposite—an energy that I am sure all of you are far too familiar with.  The opposite of acceptance is judgment. We humans tend to judge ourselves constantly—a never-ending loop of commentary inside our own heads that tells us all the ways we have failed, all the ways that we are unworthy. But that voice of judgment is wrong. We are worthy, and our worthiness is entirely independent of where we are on our healing journey. I know all of you listening are working on your own healing journeys. Just like I do, I know that you have identified the places where you have difficulty loving yourself. You can see the dysfunctional patterns you tend to reproduce in all your relationships. You know some of the triggers you have because of the lack of love you experienced or perceived in your childhood. But here’s the thing—you don’t have to wait until you are healed, until you are fixed, to claim the love and the life you want for yourself. You can step into that love and that life now, just as imperfect as you are. Your imperfection is no boundary to your happiness. Your judgment, however, is. Judgment is a state of being that is disconnected from Source. Source has zero judgment. Believe me, I know. I have channelled Spirit for hundreds of people, and not once have the angels ever said to anyone that they are worthless, damaged, or undeserving of love and happiness. Judgment is not a divine energy, no matter what religions may try to teach us. Judgment is a purely human energy. Judgment is the little—or not so little—voice inside our heads that tell us how stupid we are, what failures we are, how f****d up our behavior and our choices are.  And maybe we did make some poor choices, maybe we do have some hot unhealed places that cause us to overreact with the people and circumstances in our lives. Okay, so what? So what? So we’re human. We are all works in progress. We are all f****d. We are all worthy. The state of our fuckedupedness does not detract from our intrinsic worthiness. It can’t. We are all both human and holy, and the juxtaposition of those two energies do not challenge each other in any way. I invite you to sit down for a moment if you can—not if you  are driving, please!—and close your eyes. Feel the comfort of the chair or sofa that supports your body. Feel the strength of the floor, and the planet, beneath your feet. Close your eyes, and allow your energy and your chi to settle back within your body. Come home to yourself. And then, when you are ready, please begin to say to yourself, in your mind or out loud, “I’m okay. I’m okay. I’m okay.” Do your best to a
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