A Gratitude Meditation with Mother Mary - Manifest Your Amazing Life with Alix and the Archangels: The No BS Guide
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Gratitude helps us connect to Source so that we can manifest what we desire. Includes a channeled experience with Mother Mary. Read the Whole Episode Thank you, angels! Thank you, angels! Thank you, angels! No sooner do I close my eyes and start to settle into the meditation space than I feel that familiar opening sensation in my core. Part relief, part expansion, all relaxation—gratitude is a powerful cocreative energy. It is both an emotional soother and a way to connect with and embody the flow of Source. Gratitude is arriving home safely after driving through a bad storm. Gratitude is the unexpected payment that comes through just in the nick of time. Gratitude is a sticky situation that gets resolved in a positive manner. Gratitude can be as huge as finally landing that new job, or as minor as not getting a speeding ticket. For me, this morning, gratitude is about safety. After the trauma and drama of the last few years, my gratitude this morning is about stepping off the roller coaster of insecurity and change onto more stable ground. Oh sure, there will always be challenge and change, but for the moment, I can feel the energy of arrival, of respite, and that is huge—not only because it makes me feel better, but also because it means that what I am trying to manifest is much more likely to come through into the physical plane. Are you someone who sees the proverbial glass as half empty, or half full? There’s no judgment here, no right or wrong way to see your life, but if you tend to see what is missing from your life instead of what you have already accomplished, you might be missing out on the power of gratitude. I’m not suggesting that you practice an “attitude of gratitude” for any lofty spiritual reason. Quite the opposite, in fact. I work with the energy of gratitude myself—and suggest it to my clients—because of its practical metaphysical effectiveness. As human-divine beings, our lives work to the extent that we are connected to, and embodying, the flow of Source energy. When we are shut off from Source, when our channels are constricted and little Source is able to get through to us, then we invariably find ourselves struggling, because Source is the electricity that powers our lives. As I have discussed elsewhere, fear is a huge energy disconnector. It shuts down the flow of abundance into our lives. When we are afraid, it’s usually because we are not feeling safe. We may be feeling insecure about our physical health, our financial status, or our emotional wellbeing. Fear is a logical response to a threat to our safety and security, but when the fear becomes chronic and pervasive—when we spend months worrying about our cash flow, for example—then we tend to spiral in the wrong direction, as fear disconnects us from Source, which makes our situation worse, which disconnects us further, and so on. So, back to gratitude. If you can find that lovely, bone-deep embodiment of thankfulness for some aspect of your life, even just for a moment, it can help you to reconnect to Source and start to cycle in a more positive direction. At the very least, it will settle your blood pressure and help you feel better for a moment or two. I close my eyes again, seeking to connect with an angel or ascended master to lead us through an experience of gratitude. The light being I get is Mother Mary. Her presence is huge, infinitely wise and loving, but with a core of sadness. She understands the pain of life. With goosebumps all over my body, I hear her speak to us. Dear Ones, she says. Life is pain. We cannot know the joy of unconditional love, the safe harbor of a ship arrived home from troubled seas, unless we also know the terror and the even the despair of the darker moments of our lives. The struggle illuminates the safety, and thus it is on this planet we all call home.
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