Power Energies, Challenge Energies, and Soothers - Manifest Your Amazing Life with Alix and the Archangels: The No BS Guide
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Trying to manifest your heart's desire? Understanding these three kinds of energy will help you stay connected to Source. Read the Full Episode Hello, and welcome. My name is Alix, and I’m an intuitive life coach, energy healer,  and channel for the wisdom and healing of the archangels. I help my clients get the answers they need so that they can manifest the lives and the abundance they desire. I created this series to share with you the information the angels have taught me about how to work with the power of Source energy to cocreate your heart’s desire. In order to manifest what you want, what you are praying for, you need to understand how energy works in your life, and you need to be able to access and embody a wide range of energies. Think of energy like paint. A visual artist works with a palette of colors that he or she is able to choose, mix, and manipulate in order to create the image we see on the completed canvas.   In much the same way, highly conscious humans can choose and mix specific energies to align with the goal they are trying to manifest. Your manifestation palette can be divided into three categories—power energies, challenge energies, and soothers. Power energies empower us to work with Source. When we choose to work with power energies, we are actively aligning with Source—pulling Source down into our bodies where we can use it like a car uses gasoline. Source is our birthright. Each of us is here to learn to be both fully human and fully divine. The only problem is—our schools don’t teach metaphysics (yet), and most of us have little to no formal education in the language of Source, so we don’t always know what to do when we are trying to use our higher selves to help us manifest our goals and dreams. Luckily, the angels know how to work with Source energy, and they are here to teach you what you need to know—what you didn’t learn in kindergarten, but should have. So what are the power energies, exactly? Joy is a power energy. So are acceptance, gratitude, compassion, relief, and expansion, to name just a few.  In the coming weeks, I will unpack each of the power energies for you in separate episodes, and show you how to use them in your cocreative process. I have already done an episode on the power of acceptance—in case you missed it, I will put the link to it in the description box below this episode. OK, so power energies help us to connect with Source. Challenge energies, in contrast, show us where we are disconnected from Source. They slow us down, and, if we don’t deal with them, they may prevent us from reaching our goals. Challenge energies have only one purpose—they point the way to our inner healing, our soul growth. You see, the angels and the universe don’t send us troubles just to torture us. They send us life challenges so that we can grow—so that we can see and heal the wounded places that are limiting our lives. Challenge energies are never fun to live through. They are what send us running to self-medicate with food, exercise, or even alcohol. It is possible to avoid challenge energies up to a point, but eventually the avoidance will catch up with us and it’s not pretty. It’s kind of like not paying your taxes—by the time the IRS gets done piling on the interest and penalties, you will probably wish you had just paid the original amount on time. So what are the challenge energies, exactly? Fear is the most common one, followed by judgment, shame, ego, and many others. The angels and I will explore all of these energies in future episodes, and show you how to learn from them, work through them, and heal so that you expand your ability to access and embody Source. Remember how I said that challenge energies are never fun to live through? Soul growth is hard, just plain hard.
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