Why Your Life Matters to the Angels MYL0004 - Manifest Your Amazing Life with Alix and the Archangels: The No BS Guide
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What's your life purpose? How are you here to contribute to the planet? Helping the world requires that we first help ourselves. The truth is, highly conscious humans have two life purposes--a personal one, and a planetary one. Join Alix as she shares angel insights about life purpose, and the importance of doing our personal healing work, both for our individual lives and for the good of the planet. This episode ends with a discussion about the two fundamental ways to be in a body on this planet. You can choose to be human, or, you can choose to be . . . listen and find out! As always, you are invited to share your comments, questions, confusions, and anecdotes with author Alix Moore via email at [email protected] or via her website www.yoursoulstruth.com Alix & the Archangels are available for private sessions.
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Hello! This is Alix, and I’m here with the archangels today for a new episode of Manifest Your Amazing Life with Alix and the Archangels. I’m so happy you’ve found us. It has been some time since I’ve been active on this channel. During the last year, I have been focused elsewhere—holding down...
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