Run Smarter -Joint Podcast Episode with Brodie Sharp
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In this episode we bring you a joint podcast session with Brodie Sharp from the Run Smarter Podcast. Listen as we discuss how to handle hitting the wall, what to look for in a training plan, and many questions about running injuries. Lots of info to help you run smarter! Topics we cover in this […]
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In this episode we speak with Dr. Vanessa Corcoran -a listener to the podcast who found parallels between training for a marathon and pursuing her Ph.D. As a historian, Vanessa shares how people in the Middle Ages practiced endurance through making pilgrimages, and why this bares resemblance to...
Published 05/20/23
Published 05/20/23
In this episode we share how to get the best out of yourself as a Masters Runner. (Any runner past the age of 40 is considered a Masters Runner). Joining us is Tony Schollum -a listener to the podcast who ran 2:48 at Boston in the 50-54 age division! Tony Schollum is an avid runner […]
Published 05/08/23