Ask Josh Anything #19
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If you care about drivetrains, aero tweaks, and wheels on your bike setup, this episode will really scratch that itch. We do a deep dive into the why, how, and what of Silca's new diamond-polished chains,  how properly-lubed chains affect cog and chainring wear and tear, and whether you really need to replace that quick link after each chain connect/disconnect cycle. We also get to the best ways to locate your hydration on long rides and the question of whether — wheelwise — deeper is always better. 
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It's a strange time to be in the bike industry. Pro teams are scrounging for components. New frames are hard to come by. Bike shops are swamped with extraordinary demand, but nothing to sell. So in this AJA episode, Josh brings a ton of practical insight into making the best of a problematic...
Published 06/21/21
Josh is obsessed with Titanium printing, and Fatty and Hottie have been badgering him to talk on the podcast about why for months. With the release of Silca's Mensola computer mount, Josh can get into the weeds on why 3D printing is a big deal, the work that's goes into installation, engineering,...
Published 05/28/21
Here at Marginal Gains, we are NOT big fans of the old saying, "Failure is not an option." As far as we're concerned, failure is not only an option, but a valuable part of development. In this episode, Josh gets into how he changed his mind about failure, why we see failure at the sharp end of...
Published 04/19/21