Thomas Feegel - Is Ibogaine Treatment the Solution to Drug Addiction? || MBPP Ep. 842
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In this Podcast Episode, Thomas Feegel, Mark Bell, Nsima Inyang, and Andrew Zaragoza talk about how ibogaine can be the solution to substance addiction. Thomas also gave us the best explanation of what ibogiane is and how it works.  Visit the Beond Website for more info: New Power Project Website: Join The Power Project Discord: Subscribe to the new Power Project Clips Channel: Special perks for our listeners below! ➢ Free shipping and free bedside tin! ➢ Code POWERPROJECT for 15% off! ➢ Code POWERPROJECT to save $150!! ➢Enlarging Pumps (This really works): Pumps explained: ➢ Code: POWERVIVO20 for 20% off Vivo Barefoot shoes! ➢ Code POWERPROJECT10 for 10% off site wide including Within You supplements! ➢ Code POWERPROJECT for 20% off! ➢ Use Code POWERPROJECT for 20% off! ➢ Use code POWERPROJECT for 20% of your next order! ➢ to automatically save 20% off your first order at Vuori! ➢ to automatically save $150 off the Pod Pro at 8 Sleep! ➢ Use code POWERPROJECT10 for 10% off ALL LABS at Marek Health! Also check out the Power Project Panel: Use code POWERPROJECT for $101 off! ➢Piedmontese Beef: Use Code POWER at checkout for 25% off your order plus FREE 2-Day Shipping on orders of $150 Follow Mark Bell's Power Project Podcast ➢ ➢ Insta: ➢ ➢ Twitter:  ➢ LinkedIn: ➢ YouTube: ➢TikTok:  FOLLOW Mark Bell ➢ Instagram: ➢ ➢ Facebook: ➢ Twitter: Follow Nsima Inyang ➢ ➢YouTube: ➢Instagram: ➢TikTok:  Follow Andrew Zaragoza on all platforms ➢ Stamps: 00:00 - Naboso Neuro ball 03:06 - Different mustache styles 05:48 - About today's guest 07:45 - Tom Feegel's intro & his work 09:59 - Psilocybin Mushrooms can help quit alcohol 12:31 - Most Pharmaceutical drugs have side effects 14:56 - Precision dosing 19:21 - Andrew's Jiu-jitsu experience 23:47 - Tom joins the show 24:47 - Beond & Tom Feegel's story 29:49 - Iboga: Overview & functions 36:48 - Inside controversial drug Ibogaine 44:52 - Ibogaine Microdosing experiment 48:38 - Success & monetization of Iboga 55:02 - Replacing old patterns with positive 1:03:52 - How Ibogaine works & it's experience 1:11:49 - What does Ibogaine feel like to have visions 1:17:33 - Marek health 1:18:06 - Is being addicted to any substance a choice? 1:24:38 - Will Ibogaine be used as a day to day performance enhancer for go getters? 1:28:34 - Spiritual Awakening with Ibogaine 1:32:50 - Preparing people & mitigating risks 1:37:54 - Intention behind Ibogaine treatment 1:42:00 - Ibogaine Treatment time & cost 1:50:11 - Barriers to widespread use of such substances 1:53:05 - Success rate of Ibogaine 1:56:57 - Sustainable abstinence rate 1:59:31 - Where can people find you & sign up for treatment
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