Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/17/21
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On Monday's Mark Levin Show, the American media has fully displayed how corrupt it is. The entire profession of journalism is a disgusting joke. America needs a free press but, lamentably, doesn't have one. CBS News's John Dickerson grilled Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, over their response to the Hamas rocket attacks, and did so by only asking accusatory questions. Hamas relies heavily on propaganda to influence its media narrative. For example, the implosion of a building that housed media outlets including Al Jazeera and the Associated Press was leveled by the IDF and there wasn't a single casualty due to Israel’s diligence to protect civilian lives. Then, the head of Space Force has been removed from his position for citing how Marxism and Critical Race Theory have seeped into the US military. Marxism and holocaust denial has been a staple in the American Media and even the Associated Press misinformed the citizenry back in the days of World War II by collaborating in a Nazi cover-up. Indeed, similar misreporting is happening now when Hamas terrorists dressed as civilians were killed in military action their deaths were listed as civilian deaths, not as enemy combatants. Later, Richard Weaver wrote about the modern press in "Ideas Have Consequences" remarking that it was a negative force that appears omniscient but isn't. Afterward, the reason America is beating the coronavirus is that we are reaching herd immunity and because of the vaccine that Donald Trump pushed for. Trump was a superb leader and he followed the science of herd immunity and vaccines. Joe Biden can't even figure out when or where to wear a mask.  
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