Building a Marketing Business with the Power of Story
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Help us deliver even more value each episode by completing our Hero Maker survey at What are you loving each week? What do you want more of? How else can we help make your marketing easy and make it work? Let us know! Just go to   --   Business Insider recently listed marketing as one of the worst-paying college majors. Because marketing is constantly changing, the article argues that your return on investment in a marketing degree will likely be very minimal. But what if we told you that when you understand how to use story in marketing, you can make a lot more money than you think?   In today’s episode, J.J. and April talk with three StoryBrand Certified Marketing Guides: Dave Evans, Meredith Siss, and Keith Lauver. Each of these marketers share key moments along their journey of building a marketing business, how StoryBrand has been pivotal to their success, and the financial results they’ve been able to achieve. Listen in now to learn how StoryBrand can help you increase your value as a marketer whether you’re already in marketing or are looking to get started.   You can reach out to Dave, Meredith, or Keith directly at:   --   HIRE A STORYBRAND CERTIFIED GUIDE TO HELP CREATE THE MARKETING AND MESSAGING YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS TO GROW:   APPLY TO BE A STORYBRAND CERTIFIED GUIDE SO YOU CAN GUIDE BUSINESSES THROUGH CREATING THE MARKETING AND MESSAGING THEY NEED TO GROW:   START CLARIFYING YOUR MARKETING NOW AND CREATE YOUR FREE BRANDSCRIPT:   STORYBRAND INSTAGRAM:
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