European Council chief meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping
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From the BBC World Service: An official visit by Charles Michel to Beijing comes amid persisting economic tensions between the two sides. Kenya’s president William Ruto has unveiled a new program to offer cheaper loans to entrepreneurs. It’s called the Hustler Fund – so named because on the campaign trail, Ruto said represented what he called the “hustler nation” of millions of young Kenyans struggling to make ends meet. UNESCO has added the French baguette to its “intangible cultural heritage” list.
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This morning’s jobs report is out, and the number was staggering — 517,000 jobs added relative to the 187,000 that economists expected. FHN Financial Chief Economist Christopher Low breaks down how to interpret the numbers. The tech sector is in rough shape, and this earnings season’s results are...
Published 02/03/23
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is proposing a further limiting of credit card late fees, which the agency says could save consumers around $9 billion per year. The big U.S. job report is out today, and it showed a huge increase in the number of jobs added to the economy. And, the G7...
Published 02/03/23
Published 02/03/23