BP announces record profits
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From the BBC World Service: BP has announced its profits in 2022 more than doubled to just shy of 28 billion dollars. But the oil giant scaled back its green targets – we ask why. Nissan’s chief operating officer tells us the company’s alliance with Renault is still going strong. Plus, the UK has started a consultation on whether to create a digital pound.
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No, right now, central banks around the world have moved to a second level of coordination. All of the economic jitters have more people around the world turning to U.S. dollars for investment security. That rapid flow of dollars can upset the balance, and so the Federal Reserve has had to step...
Published 03/24/23
But at least this week they borrowed less than they did last week. That’s a good sign. We look at why the U.S. central bank is making it easier for banks to borrow more money. And, earlier this month, after 10 years of negotiating, countries at the United Nations hammered out a new treaty that...
Published 03/24/23
Published 03/24/23