Tips For Finding Photography Clients It is hard for me to believe, but there are some people who can very naturally approach and talk to people.  On top of that, some of those may also have the advantage of being well established in their community.  Those people may not need the tips offered here.  For everyone else, here are some ideas you can use to help you find photography clients. Practice Working With People It starts with being willing to practice working with...
Published 04/14/22
Published 04/14/22
Practical tips for getting started on making great headshots for photographers who have never attempted them
Published 03/01/21
The common mistakes made by photographers that prevent their websites from begging noticed by people looking for their services and/or images.
Published 02/11/21
Every photographer needs an L-bracket, here are the five reasons why!
Published 02/04/21
The changes to version 9 of the Lumenzia luminosity masking extension for Photoshop.
Published 01/14/21
Check in on how we did with the 2020 predictions and making photography predictions for 2021
Published 01/07/21
Ideas that will help photographers set resolutions for 2021 to stretch their skills and get better.
Published 12/24/20
A podcast about color space and how photographers should deal with it in all three phases of their workflow
Published 12/17/20
Tips on how to get started in doing team and individual (T&I) sports photography, including a way to quadruple your potential for income!
Published 12/12/20
Photographers have multiple ways to deal with white balance in their photos. Here are the main options for doing that and how photographers should choose one of them.
Published 11/19/20
The flashes, modifiers, light stands, and techniques I used to create stunning fall family portraits oozing with color!
Published 11/12/20
What shutter actuation count is, why photographers should care, and how to get it from your camera.
Published 11/05/20
Your initial reaction might be that $200 isn't enough to do much for your photography, but having thought about it now I bet you are surprised.
Published 10/09/20
This topic has really been on my mind recently as I’m in the final stages of building my home office from scratch. I literally mean, there was nothing, but a garage shell. I put up three walls, a raised subfloor on the concrete floor, the ceiling and then ran all the electrical etc. It’s small, but it’s a beautiful space to create my courses, do my work from home for the university this quarter and probably next and of course, do some post production. Foundational Items And this...
Published 10/01/20
Practical tips for photographers on how they can price and license their images
Published 09/17/20
Answers to listener questions about sharing images on social media, how to get vibrant sunset colors, and choosing a laptop screen for photo editing.
Published 09/11/20
Tips on how photographers can attach and use their camera with a telescope as their lens and the settings to use for great photos.
Published 09/03/20
An explanation of what the image.canon service is, how to set it up, and how photographers can use it to send images to other cloud services.
Published 08/28/20
Learn how to add the 5 fields Google requires for new licensing information to be shown in their Google Images Search engine to your photos using Lightroom Classic
Published 08/21/20
Listener suggested topic of what is the most fun thing I have done with photography
Published 08/13/20
Details about what went into the creation of 5 landscape photos to help listeners learn and/or be inspired to get out and create some of their own!
Published 08/06/20
Introduction Welcome to the Master Photography Roundtable part of the Master Photography Podcast Network!  You are joined by thousands of photographers listening to this show who are all on the same journey to master their photography.  I am Brent Bergherm, the host for this episode, and I am joined by Juan Pons! Juan, thank you for joining us, I’m very much looking forward to talking about the new Sony A7s3 that was just announced a couple days ago.  SONY A7s3 Camera and...
Published 07/30/20
We got a email from a 10 year old getting into photography. Here are the 9 tips we thought of to help her as a young beginning photographer.
Published 07/23/20
Tips on how a photographer who has never shot astrophotography can shoot the Neowise comet.
Published 07/17/20