In this episode, we finally get around to chatting in detail about the new Codex layout and faction-specific Crusade materials. We also look at the evolution of the recent Space Wolf lore. Don't forget to check out our previous episodes if you want more details about the Space Wolves.
Published 11/26/20
We couldn't help but take the opportunity gush over how much we loved Mike Brooks' fun and well-received novel, Brutal Kunnin. We also bring you a battle report from our Crusade campaign and some new rules for Squigs.
Published 11/13/20
The Snakebites are a surprisingly nuanced Ork clan which might be a great deal more important to the kultur than you might think. In this episode we discuss this fascinating clan in the lore, on the tabletop, and in the hobby.
Published 10/26/20
In addition to the usual shenanigans, we are joined by Gav Thorpe to discuss his novel, Indomitus. Prior to that, we talk about the Crusade game they played using a scenario from the Beyond the Veil mission pack. We also have a custom scenario designed to help players learn 9th edition that we was inspired by a game played by Matt from the Adeptus Terra Podcast.
Published 10/12/20
Adam and Jason are joined by Matt along with Sam and Carl for a friendly and casual discussion about our sesquicentennial milestone, the current state of Warhammer, and the community.
Published 09/26/20
Adam, Quinn, and Scout jump in for a quick review of the new Beyond the Veil Crusade Mission Pack.
Published 09/26/20
The Psychic Awakening: Pariah supplement included several updated Theatres of War intended for use in your Narrative Play games of 40k. In this episode we discuss those and also come up with some new ones for you to use in your games.
Published 09/07/20
Jason and Adam got together to jaw in detail about the lore of Psychic Awakening: Pariah and the Inquisition rules found within. Of course, there's plenty of time committed to shenanigans and a d66 table.
Published 08/17/20
Jason and Adam are back to their Current Events reporting to discuss the happenings of the Psychic Awakening: Engine War and War of the Spider. They also touch on the lore behind the new units presented in these books and also take the time to generate a few names from a number of d66 tables.
Published 08/03/20
Adam and Jason waited a bit to chat Crusade so they could get a few games in first. They are joined by Brian for a bit to go over the rules and then they go into the games themselves.
Published 07/13/20
Adam and Jason were lucky enough to get a preview copy of the new Indomitus boxed set from Games Workshop's Community Team. In this episode, we discuss some of the new lore, the units (their role and some of their rules), some of the rules changes for the game itself, the new terrain rules, and we skim over Crusade. We also brought on Mark in this episode to build and paint the Necrons, then report back on the new models.
Published 07/03/20
Adam and Jason sat together with Zane to chat about his Grey Knights lore, then they discussed the second half of the new Psychic Awakening fiction from Warhammer Community. Timings: Intro: 0:00:00 - 0:44:15 Brotherhood of the Round Table: 0:44:15 - 1:22:32 Psychic Awakening Fiction - Saga of the Beast to Pariah: 1:22:32 - 2:28:07 outro: 2:28:07 - 2:33:37
Published 06/29/20
Adam and Jason got together to play a game on Tabletop Simulator. Jason brought a representation of his Speed Freaks army and Adam put together an army of Tyranids that he's been considering collecting. As such, they figured it'd be cool to do a scenario reflecting the events in the Octavius Cluster.
Published 06/07/20
Jason and Adam got together recently to have a few drinks and chat about the first half of the free fiction that Games Workshop provided free of charge to accompany the Psychic Awakening.
Published 05/25/20
Mark has put together a whimsical and thoughtful narrative for his Necrons which he shared with us in this episode.
Published 05/12/20
As a special thank you to all those on the front lines of the COVID19 epidemic, we present an episode featuring the lore of health care in 40k. We also have a few ideas about how to use this info in games and, as usual, discuss our hobby progress.
Published 04/28/20
Jason and Adam have been really busy with their Quarantine duties, but also busy with hobby progress and community interaction.
Published 04/12/20
Jason and Adam got together to research and chat about the Exhibitors who were supposed to attend Adepticon 2020. Listen in on this exchange to hear us ooh and aah over all the stuff we're sad we missed. You can also support these vendors by going to their online stores and buying stuff. At the end of the episode, we promised to paste all the vendor information in the show notes, but since recording, Adepticon put out a comprehensive list with links. ...
Published 03/20/20
For this episode, Adam does a story time for his new Drukhari army and Jason fleshes out the background for his Thousand Sons.
Published 03/09/20
Jason and Adam continue their discussion on Repentance in 40k by describing some of the units which best reflect this concept followed by a unique scenario featuring these units. Prior to that, they have a brief discussion on the new lore in Psychic Awakening: the Greater Good.
Published 02/23/20
Adam and Jason are back after another fortnight for a fun, fact-filled fracas featuring some furious, flagellant friends of the forty-first millennium. Penitent Engines, Repentia, Penal Legion and more!
Published 02/09/20
Adam and Jason get together, catch up, and plot a course forward for Masters of the Forge. Please listen to these other great podcasts: NGC 40k: https://ngc40k.com/ The Adeptus Terra Podcast https://theadeptusterrapodcast.podbean.com The Splintermind Podcast http://splintermind.libsyn.com/ Also check out: Chapter Approved 2019 https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Chapter-Approved-2019-EN Upstate Honor Guard Facebook Page ...
Published 01/28/20
Chapter Approved ain't just points, y'all! Jason and Adam explored the trove of narrative possibilities for the rules and articles presented in this year's Chapter Approved.
Published 12/16/19
Adam and Jason go over the lore for the first two books in the Psychic Awakening Campaign by Games Workshop. They also go over some of the rules and discuss their narrative veracity. Listen Now: Timestamps: Intro: 00:00:00 – 00:36:06 In the Lore: Phoenix Rising: 00:36:06 – 01:17:21 In the Lore: Faith & Fury: 1:17:21 – 1:39:53 On Your Tabletop: 1:39:53 – 2:25:16 Outro: 2:25:16 – end Please listen to these other great podcasts: The Adeptus Terra Podcast ...
Published 11/24/19
Adam and Jason are joined by Brian of the Splintermind podcast to discuss how to weave your Drukhari army into campaigns and narrative play in general.
Published 10/27/19