Colbie got asked out by a Tiktokker
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DM slideeee to the left, DM slideee to the right, CRISS CROSS, Match Made real smooth. This week on the pod, Katy, Colbie and Adam talk DM slides. We give a weekend recap and then dive into Adam’s secret businesses, celebrity’s DM’ing us, Colbie getting asked out by a tik toker, and give some advice to a listener. If you need advice on a situation, or have a wild story to share - shoot a DM to @matchmadepodcast and we’ll be picking one story every week to discuss (anonymously - always). Make sure you tag @matchmadepodcast in all your listening stories on Instagram! Xoxo - Katy, Colbie, Adam Podcast Instagram: @MatchMadePodcast Katy’s Instagram: KatyBellotte Colbie’s Instagram: Colbie_cassidy Adam’s Instagram: @aadamharrison You can send all business inquiries here: [email protected]
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Take a shot every time Adam says "Juxtaposition" and then ask him to define the word. Good luck listener, and good luck Adam! This week on the pod, Adam runs a solo episode while Colbie and Katy jetset. Adam gives the normal weekend recap with a dating update, and then answers all of your career...
Published 05/13/22
“I’d shove tequila down your throat and then we’d go back to my apartment, you’d order us chicken subs while I take a nap and then we eat the chicken subs and I’d go back to sleep while you rub my back and feed me chicken subs” - name something hotter to text a guy you’re flirting with, I’ll...
Published 05/06/22
Published 05/06/22