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WE LEFT OUR JOBS!! Jk lol. This week on the pod - Katy, Colbie and Adam are reunited to chat all things CAREERS! We discuss our 9-5 outside of Match Made, navigating the work world when you have no idea wtf you want to do with your life, how to ~properly~ quit your job (hint - it involves blacking out, jk but kinda), West Elm Caleb and how he’s definitely getting what he deserves (hot take - maybe too much??), and dish out some career advice to a listener. If you need advice on a situation, or have a wild story to share - shoot a DM to @matchmadepodcast and we’ll be picking 1-2 stories every week to discuss (anonymously - always). Make sure you tag @matchmadepodcast in all your listening stories on Instagram! Xoxo - Katy, Colbie, Adam Podcast Instagram: @MatchMadePodcast Katy’s Instagram: @KatyBellotte Colbie’s Instagram: @Colbie_cassidy Adam’s Instagram: @aadamharrison You can send all business inquiries here: [email protected]
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SHORT KINGS NEED LOVE TOO!! This week on the pod, the trio is back together! We spill the tea on our dating lives, getting back into the app game for hot girl summer, and rip a speed round answering all of your questions! We talk long distance relationships, what to talk about on a first date,...
Published 05/20/22
Take a shot every time Adam says "Juxtaposition" and then ask him to define the word. Good luck listener, and good luck Adam! This week on the pod, Adam runs a solo episode while Colbie and Katy jetset. Adam gives the normal weekend recap with a dating update, and then answers all of your career...
Published 05/13/22
Published 05/13/22