Episode #87 - How to Learn Math
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Today we talk about how to build your mathematical intuition. We propose many different scenarios where you can practice visualizing different mathematical situations. Enjoy!   Instagram: @math.physics.podcast Tiktok: @math.physics.podcast Email: [email protected] Twitter: @MathPhysPod  
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Today we discuss with Dr. Achanta, director of the National Physics Laboratory in India, about his work in physics. Will photonics eventually replace electronics in the future?   Check out today's sponsor Pair at www.pair.com/free with promo code: QUICKSTART   Instagram:...
Published 01/17/22
Published 01/17/22
Today we speak with Clement Decrop, an author and inventor, about the Idea Space. This was an awesome conversation, enjoy! Where to find Clement:   Twitter: @Cream_of_Decrop Website: www.ideaspacebook.com   Check out today's sponsor BetterHelp at betterhelp.com/listener.   Instagram:...
Published 01/10/22