Episode #65 - A Linear World
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Today we talk about the beauties and wonders of linear algebra. Its deeply seeded roots in calculus and physics makes it the perfect topic to uncover during your mathematical career. Make sure to follow us since we are so close to 10k followers!   Instagram: @math.physics.podcast Tiktok: @math.physics.podcast Email: math.physics.podcast@gmail.com Twitter: @MathPhysPod
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Today we talk with our good friend Matt about functions! What are functions? Why do we need them? And some special guest functions... Enjoy the episode   To all our listeners out there, we are so happy to say that you can head over to brilliant.org/mpp, and the first 200 of you to sign up...
Published 07/19/21
Today we discuss the basics of one of our favorite topics in physics, electrostatics. It's such an amazing topic to study as we use it every single day but it was once an extremely difficult power to wield. Enjoy the episode :).   Instagram: @math.physics.podcast Tiktok:...
Published 07/12/21
Today we talk with Jon from the YouTube channel Epic Math Time. Enjoy this great discussion as we get somewhat of an introduction to the amazing world of Group Theory. Epic Math Time: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCisjF-Un7hf9lsMhoStF3OQ Power Log Video:...
Published 07/05/21