Father Greg Boyle Shares The Meaning of Radical Kinship
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"The minute you can kind of say, wow, the widow, orphan stranger, the folks at the margins, these are my trustworthy guides, I'm going to go there so they can lead me to the kinship. Oh God. Well that's, you've just turned privilege on its head because you're not guiding them or leading them. They're doing that to you."-Father Greg BoyleFather Greg Boyle is the Founder and Executive Director of Homeboy Industries and one of my real life heroes. Originally a Los Angeles secret and now a national treasure, I admire pretty much everything about him and his work. He is a global champion of social justice, a global champion of the divinity in each of us, and a global champion people, in general. He focuses on people who were in gangs and the rehabilitation of that, but larger than that to me, he really cares about the beauty that exists in each and every one of us.So I want to welcome Father Boyle and we want to sell his book, Barking to the Choir: The power of Radical Kinship. Listen in to hear what radical Kinship is, how to get involved with social justice and help your fellow human being.If you’re looking for more inspiration and words of wisdom, then please sign up for my free weekly email newsletter - The Sunday Paper. Visit website mariashriver.com to subscribe.
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